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Yes, I know IABU but let me vent.... facebook hijacking

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unreasonablebut Sat 05-Sep-09 22:43:28

I love FB for renewing contact with old friends and keeping up with friends from all different parts of my life. One of my local friends who I see a lot of is great fun, but every conversation has to come back to her - to the point that it broke up one group of friends - but I do get a lot out of our relationship so accept this as part of her. However, I cannot have a single conversation about "the old days" without her bringing the thread round to her, most times killing the conversation. She has now invited nearly all my FB friends to be her FB friends and they have accepted (why not, this is partly what it's abotu) BUT she wades in to every thread and diverts from the original topic on to something to do with her. Yes, I know the options: put up and shut up; delete her as FB friend ; or have a chat with her about it and sort it out. So I know the options, just wanted to SCREAM about it on here first. No need to respond, just writing this is helping me work things out

GirlsAreLOud Sat 05-Sep-09 22:44:13

There are threads on facebook?

unreasonablebut Sat 05-Sep-09 22:46:06

maybe not thread - conversation/chat whatever the right term is

GirlsAreLOud Sat 05-Sep-09 22:47:16

Like, on someone's wall? Commenting on someone's status, that kind of thing?

I say it is fair game, actually, when it comes to fb anyone can join in really.

Are you sure you don't just have an issue with her generally?

dollius Sat 05-Sep-09 22:48:09

This is another reason that Facebook is EVIL. Just commit FB suicide and you will never look back...

GirlsAreLOud Sat 05-Sep-09 22:49:29

Totally disagree with dollius actually grin

If this 'friend' taking over is such a big problem she's broken up a friendship group before facebook even came into it then it's not facebook that's the issue.

unreasonablebut Sat 05-Sep-09 22:52:37

Agree girlsareloud, part of the beauty of FB is that anyone can join in and for the most part, I love it when friends who otherwise don't know each other "talk" to each other. It's when this one person has to take over, change the topic of converstation, and not sure whether just to ignore or to say something to her. She also keeps inviting my friends to be her friends, no prob with that, except that she then takes over the convos on their walls which I find embarrassing

lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Sep-09 15:09:06

As GAL says, this seems like more than a FB issue but I guess it's easier to see in black and white on FB

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