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To want to go to Alton Towers when I want to??

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chosenone Fri 04-Sep-09 19:50:34

Me and DH planned on taking the little ones this weekend as final treat before end of summer hols! Planned it weeks ago, but when my mum heard us talking about it on Thursday she asked if her and Dad could come. We said yeah fine, we'll see what the weather is like and probably go Sunday, they said they'd have a think and decide for definate when we looked at the weather. Today I decided saturday would be better and DH came home and an old friend has asked him to go out Saturday night so he too would prefer Alton Towers saturday, well i rang my dad and he was not happy!

He said as mum's working saturday they can't come now, its not fair just cos DH wants to go drinking, why should we have to fit around him etc I tried to argue my point and dad started saying things like well don't ask us to babysit the kids when you want to do something you've been looking forward to, and I expect you'll be needing me to pick them up from nursery once a week etc I couldn't get a word in edgeways, he was fuming shock I rang my mum and she wasn't bothered at all! she was surprised at his reaction. Surely he's BU? To threaten the care of the kids when he insists on picking them and not my MIL all the time is wrong surely!?

Oxymoronic Fri 04-Sep-09 20:20:34

Sounds like your Dad was perhaps saying things in the heat of the moment? For some reason it got his back up and he was trying to hurt you, tbh, the type of things he was saying to you sound like something you'd say to a teenager! Is it that he has something against your DH going out drinking?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 04-Sep-09 21:30:35

The weather certainly looks better on Saturday. Take jackets, though.

CarGirl Fri 04-Sep-09 21:32:34

tell him he can come along without your Mum or are they joined at the hip?

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