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iabu to object to the maltesers ad featuring a women 'pole dancing' round a washing line??

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shazzg Fri 04-Sep-09 13:36:31

saw it today with my 2 dughters at 1.15pm = a housewife -'pole dancing' round washing line

t makes my blood boil -lapdancingis so sexist and degrading for many women and yet it's sooooo normal in our society that its on a lunch time ad for chocolate.i finfd it offensive and inappropriate and have complained to mars andasa what does everyone else think?????? ps. pleese don't tell me to get over it or ignore it coz i can't and wont.ta.hmm

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 13:38:14

woman was fully clothed was she?

not seen it,take no notice of adverts really

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 13:38:59 mention both lap dancing and pole dancing in you op....which is it?

MANATEEequineOHARA Fri 04-Sep-09 13:50:59

Pole dancing is not necessarily for male pleasure!

ThingumyandBob Fri 04-Sep-09 13:53:25

Were you watching ‘Loose Women’…that’s usually when the malteser adds are on.

I worry more about the content of the program than the adverts, they can be a bit…um, adult at times....never mind pole dancing round a washing line

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 13:54:35

pole dancing is apparently very good for fitness!!

NeverLeapfrogOverAUnicorn Fri 04-Sep-09 14:00:57

Not seen it.

pole dancing? was she clothed? was she just twirling round the washing pole or was she gyrating? Going upside down? spreading her legs? cos that would be offensive! Twirling round a washing line - not terribly offensive imo.

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 04-Sep-09 14:02:20

We need a link to the ad for a good ole judge.

I agree with unicorn.

shazzg Fri 04-Sep-09 14:02:38

ilovetiffany - eh?does it matter which one it is?
yep i'm sue its great for fitness - but if you've ever worked with homeless women you'll see it's not god for self esteem , mental health and finances in general.

NeverLeapfrogOverAUnicorn Fri 04-Sep-09 14:04:08

but can I just add - you have posted in AIBU. You have asked if you are being unreasonable, and you have also told people that they are not allowed to tell you that they think you are being unreasonable! "pleese don't tell me to get over it or ignore it coz i can't and wont"

So how exactly are people supposed to respond to you?

mustrunmore Fri 04-Sep-09 14:05:54

Not seen it. But tbh I cant see maltezers doing anything too graphic grin
fwiw, I love my pole, its great exercise, and the boys love doing it too smile

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 14:08:04

er....yes,it matters...oh,and i WAS once a homeless woman myself!! don't generalise,my self esteem is just fine thanks!

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 14:09:35

whyb would 'finances in general' suffer??????

maltesers don't cost much!!

MANATEEequineOHARA Fri 04-Sep-09 14:11:21

Yeah cos all homeless women lap/pole? dance hmm

Can you esplain about the ad more please, pretty much just answering Unicorn's questions would be good!

NeverLeapfrogOverAUnicorn Fri 04-Sep-09 14:11:27

well, pole dancing is twirling round a pole on a stage and lap dancing is straddling a man and rubbing your fanny in his face.

So I think it's important to know which one is shown in the maltesers ad!

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 14:13:58

i asked op which it was....she wouldn't/couldn't answer that....

sazm Fri 04-Sep-09 14:16:59

well i think UABU,i love the malteasers ads,they are all hilarious and how you can find them offensive puzzles me,
its hardly pole dancing she is dancing with a whirly FGS!

whoisasking Fri 04-Sep-09 14:17:41

Get over it.

(god, I'm such a child)

GypsyMoth Fri 04-Sep-09 14:19:55

how do you know she's a 'housewife'too....??

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Sep-09 14:20:09

Really fancy a packet with my cup of tea now... wink

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 04-Sep-09 14:20:17

Is she rubbing and frotting?

Or just swinging around in a way which people did (in adverts anyway grin) before modern pole dancing style was well known?

mustrunmore Fri 04-Sep-09 14:21:11

You mean you dont swing round yours? wink

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 04-Sep-09 14:21:40

I'm thinking the distinction between the bloke swinging round the lamp-post in singing in the rain, and the style practiced by say the ladies of the hot hot a-go-go ra ra ladyparts club in clacton.

Overmydeadbody Fri 04-Sep-09 14:24:56

OP YABU, you need to get over it.

And also learn the difference between pole dancing and lap dancing.

SerendipitousHarlot Fri 04-Sep-09 14:25:33

I have searched YouTube and Google for a Maltesers ad featuring either pole dancing or lap dancing and can't find anything.

Link please?

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