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To fail to understand how a school jumper can get lost at home?

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ThingOne Thu 03-Sep-09 20:16:45

DS1 5.9. Just started year one yesterday.

He has two school jumpers.

Tonight he got ketchup on the one he was wearing (on the sleeve - I had put an apron on) so I put it in the linen bin and went to put out his clean one for tomorrow. But it is missing. Apparently he was wearing the other one yesterday and took it off "before tea".


MaureenMLove Thu 03-Sep-09 20:50:32

YABU!! If you had a 14 year old dd, who lived in a bedroom that looks like it's been burgled most of the time, you'd understand!! grinwink

bran Thu 03-Sep-09 20:56:04

DS is starting year 1 on Monday and I have bought five school jumpers. grin I'm a bit of a pessimist and have experience of things "disappearing".

ThingOne Thu 03-Sep-09 20:58:12

Well, he can go in dirty or without one tomorrow! I CBA to wash again, and had planned a busy night in front of DailyMailNet.

nickschick Thu 03-Sep-09 21:01:00

OMG you do realise that will be in the next column of the DM - slattern mothers dress children in ketchuped clothes whilst they browse mumsnet !!! on your head be it!!!

Actually is it organic ketchup or value? this could be relevant - thank god they dont sell that green ketchupnow that would look like snot!!

nancy75 Thu 03-Sep-09 21:01:06

its with all the odd socks, hairclips, small vital pieces of toy and my grey cardi that i only wore once! - if you find where they all are please let me know grin

ThingOne Thu 03-Sep-09 21:06:51

Well, obviously I was busy spending the day selecting which designer frock to wear on tomorrow's school run. I just left my three year old to watch TV all day. Cos that's what you do when you're a spoiled middle class mumsnetting SAHM, isn't it? Just don't mention the home made playdough or they'll think I'm some kind of Guardian reading liberal.

nickschick Thu 03-Sep-09 21:13:52

nancy 75 - i found my lost grey cardi today!!! dh had been using it in the garage to kneel on .......its brand new !!! with oil on it now sad.

ThingOne Thu 03-Sep-09 21:17:03

Oh no! Still, we don't have a garage so his can't be there.

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