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To cry for 'no reason'?

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LittleCheese Wed 02-Sep-09 11:37:33

I'm 39+4 weeks pregnant. Two nights ago I was convinced I was in labour, had 6 hours of regular strong contractions then they just stopped. Yesterday I was not in the best of moods all day very frustrated.

For about a week my dh has been saying 'o baby will come today' or 'I'm sure I wont be at work tomorrow cause baby will be here' etc. and also every little noise I make he asks if its a contraction and should he time it.

I have asked him repeatedly to stop this and if I think I'm in labour Ill tell him as its all I think about and he is making me feel worse than I already do.

so any way last night getting ready for bed and he mentions something about giving birth imminently, I ask him to give up and he raises his voice to me and I burst into tears he then asks "what are you bloody crying for" I don't answer so he goes to bed. I cry in the bathroom for 10-15minutes then go and lay in my dd's bed to calm down a bit and he comes in and asks what the hell I'm doing and to come to bed.

I ended up going to bed without talking to dh and this morning he says I'm being unreasonable I'm not convinced

sorry for long post

FlouryBap Wed 02-Sep-09 11:48:29

YANBU - you are pregnant and can cry as much as you like!

Is he normally so unsympathetic or is it likely he is under stress and so acting bizarrely? He sounds like he is not very sensitive to his heavily pregnant wife.

Men hate crying and it can bring out the worst in them. My DH is quite defensive and sees it as an attach hmm

Geocentric Wed 02-Sep-09 11:51:48

Print out a load or articles about hormones/pregnancy/emotions and force him to read them all!! wink

Not unreasonable at all!

BTW, I love the sound of those two posting names together, LC and FB. Making me hungry!!!

LittleCheese Wed 02-Sep-09 12:31:30

thanks ladies

I knew I was right (as always) lol

He isn't always like this, I have been moaning for at least 4 weeks about wanting to give birth asap as i feel so rubbish so no doubt my moaning is getting him down too. I just think he needs to get over it and support me lol he doesn't see it like that

Geocentric, cheese sandwich for lunch by any chance

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 02-Sep-09 12:32:06

But you weren't crying for "no reason" - you're 39+4 and he's winding you up!! Not unreasonable in the slightest smile.

l39 Wed 02-Sep-09 12:41:04

Not unreasonable at all!
Good luck for going into labour soon.

audreyraines Wed 02-Sep-09 13:13:34

My dear LC, you are entitled to cry as much as you want. I want to cry every time I have a twinge that amounts to nothing. Tell him you want to hear nothing of impending labour until you bring it up yourself. And then do the best you can to distract yourself. I have been obsessively baking things. At least I'll have something nice to eat after labour smile

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