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to want another baby

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loyi71 Tue 01-Sep-09 23:25:16

i have 3 dd with my ex husband and have 1 yr old ds would love another all of us would but is it unreasonable to want on at 38 am i too old. last time people did make me feel like i was ancient.

alot of my friends have kids same age as my eldest 14 and think i am mad to be starting again now.

dp is a great dad to all 4 children but this was his first baby and we would love it but pressure from others about age and 5 kids etc kind of puts me off

Firawla Wed 02-Sep-09 00:22:47

Yanbu, its nothing to do with others if they think you're too old, mad to have more now etc its none of their business you are the one who would be having the baby
if you and dp want another one then you should not stop yourself for the sake of what will people think

mrsboogie Wed 02-Sep-09 00:55:47

You are not too old. Your body will decide when you are too old to be pregnant, not random nosyparkers. Do you feel it is your place to tell people of your acquaintance whether or not you feel they are suitable to have kids? no. Well why would you listen to anyone telling you?

diddl Wed 02-Sep-09 05:48:54

YANBU if you can afford it & it wouldn´t affect your relationship with your other children, IMO.

loyi71 Wed 02-Sep-09 10:32:42

Thanks for that, you are right dp always says i worry too much what others think. All of us are excited at the prospect of another gorgeous baby. Thanks again x

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