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To wonder what is the point of 'mother and pram' toilets when you can't get a pram in them...??

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babyignoramus Tue 01-Sep-09 19:19:04

Ok, I know we are lucky to have these at all in our local shopping centre. But they are pointless - you can only get a small stroller in, not a pram and while you can fit both of you in there, actually getting the buggy in and shutting the door is an art form which had me sweating today. Plus one of them is unusuable as it has a pillar in it which makes it physically impossible to get the buggy in without teleporting it through the door! AIBU to think that if you are going to introduce something like this then it needs to actually work? It just seems daft to me - it would have been easier not to bother and use the space for an extra cubicle or two, thus shortening queues and pleasing everyone!

Eve4Walle Tue 01-Sep-09 19:22:30

I agree - I had a situation at Hampton Court Palace today where I changed DS in the Mother and baby toilet with the pram outside and then had to pull the door too while I used the loo as there wasn't room for the pram, me and him. Makes me a bit mad actually.

mamas12 Tue 01-Sep-09 19:50:04

Yet another example of male twattish planning I'm afraid.
Complain complain complain.
Write letters, invite the press to see how it's done etc. Shame the council into something.
Forlorn hope but hey if we don't say anything how are they gonna know?

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