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To complain to "Branstons"; about the missing contents of their tin

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mariemarie Mon 31-Aug-09 15:46:49

Went camping at the weekend with DH & 3DC. At lunch time yesterday I opened a large tin of ravioli for the DC and was rather miffed to find just 6 pieces of ravioli swimming around in a watery tomatoe sauce.

As it was our last day we didnt have much food leftover so I had to go to the shop to get something else for DC to eat.

I told DH that I am going to write to Branstons to complain. He thinks I am being silly and taking it too far for just a tin of food and says that all they will do is apologise or refund the cost of the tin.

Do you think I am wasting my time complaining?

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 31-Aug-09 15:48:47

no you must report it

I once stole ate a mini bag of my dcs choc buttons and there were 3 in the bag , count 'em, 3.

Wrote to Cadbury, got a fulsome apology and a voucher for £10 worth of choc

om nomnom

Poledra Mon 31-Aug-09 15:52:13

No, no, complain! Many years ago (when my now 40-yr old DSis was a baby) my mum opened a tin of spaghetti and found 2 strands in it. SHe wrote to Heinz - they were v poor at the time and couldn't afford this. She got a lovely letter from Heinz explaining that there were always a few tins like this at the end of the run and they should have been removed. However, sometimes they slipped through and would she please accept this small gift as an apology? 'This'was a crate full of Heinz products, which was a godsend to them in their straitened circumstances smile

Louise2004 Mon 31-Aug-09 16:01:03

I agree, you should definitely write to them; it's not a waste of time.

carelesswhispers Mon 31-Aug-09 16:18:02

i had this problem with a tin of beans last week , i emailed the company ( email address was on the back of the tin) & 3 days later i received a cheque for £8 & an apology smile

milknosugarplease Mon 31-Aug-09 16:19:26

def write to them... but write to them as opposed to emailing them.

writing to them means they have to write back-more chance of a voucher etc, email means they just have to email back


purepurple Mon 31-Aug-09 16:24:20

Write to them.
If you get any freebies, just don't let your DH have any. grin

dilemma456 Mon 31-Aug-09 17:24:17

Message withdrawn

smokinaces Mon 31-Aug-09 18:35:02

Definately complain.

I remember complaining about a box of chocolates when I was about 11 as I got them for Easter and they were all white (like that white wierd stuff on milk chocolate) I got vouchers and chocolate sent back, and I've been complaining ever since!

We bought Pampers pull ups when DS1 was potty training - and one pack had 3 duff ones (split at the sides) - they sent us a refund and a voucher, which was well worth it.

Tidey Mon 31-Aug-09 18:38:19

Do it. Report back on their response.

mariemarie Mon 31-Aug-09 18:47:06

Thanks everyone, I am definitely going to do my letter tonight. Will let you know how I get on.

nannynick Mon 31-Aug-09 18:54:52

Remember to include the codes from the tin - so they know which batch got through the weigh system! I expect a few tins get through at the end of each session all the time... they just factor in the cost of giving vouchers/refunds to the customers who take the time to complain.
Never any harm in letting them know you were the one who got the near empty tin... you may get a voucher for your trouble so you can buy a few more tins.

mariemarie Wed 02-Sep-09 14:24:13

Well, I rang Branstons this morning and explained and they were so lovely.

I gave them the dates/batch number on the tin and they were so apologetic and offered to send me some vouchers in the post. Obviously I accepted (not sure how much yet, will have to wait and see).

So, thank you everyone, will make sure DH gets non of it wink

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