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To feel disgusted and disappointed that the British 'matador' is getting so much press

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ZippysMum Mon 31-Aug-09 09:10:54

I feel really very strongly about this, and don't want to get too riled, but this has made me so angry

'Bullfighting' is nothing of the kind. the bull is taunted and injured by a number of people with various weapons before finally being put out of it's misery by the 'bullfighter' for the 'entertainment' of the crowd. Foul.

I am so disappointed that there hasn't been a huge outcry against this horrible little man who makes his living being the 'British Bullfighter'.

Britain has it's faults, but at least torturing animals to death for entertainment isn't part of the 'culture'.

DeathbyDora Mon 31-Aug-09 09:13:33

I agree, it's vile and disgusting.

ArizonaBarker Mon 31-Aug-09 09:14:48


There can be no jusification for it.

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