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to expect school uniform supplier to deliver goods in time for back to school date

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FlatulentStarfish Thu 27-Aug-09 09:10:49

Simply Schoolwear - I placed my order for logo'd school wear on 2nd August, my child goes back to school on 3rd September.

Simply Schoolwear say orders will be delivered free to home within 14 days and they absolutely guaranteed that they will dispatch to Royal Mail in time for back to school deadline, as long as the order was placed before their own deadline in mid-August (which mine was).

Royal Mail takes 1 - 2 days to deliver so that means Simply Schoolwear must dispatch today or tomorrow to get my order to me before the back to school deadline.

Just phoned them and calmly discussed my order, it was obvious that Simply Schoolwear have taken on too many orders and that there's little chance of delivering on time.

Am I being unreasonable to think that having taken my money straight away at the outset, this company should deliver my goods when they guarantee to or at least inform me they cannot meet the deadlines. Or is this naive of me?

leonifay Thu 27-Aug-09 09:14:52

YANBU, i would be absolutly fuming, forget calm discussion, but then thats me!

i would write a lketter of complaint outlining you want x% of discount as you have had to buy schollwear elsewhere (even if you havnt) and they haavent lived up to their end of the garantee

FlatulentStarfish Thu 27-Aug-09 09:52:21

Thanks Leonifay, good plan. I'll try this. It's just the casualness of their attitude that irritated me.

As if it's just one of those things - they took on too many customers and didn't make sure they had the resources to cope with the orders. Well it;s really not my problem if they can't run a business, I just want my goods on time.

Seems the Finance Dept is well-staffed enough to bank the money of course!!

AMumInScotland Thu 27-Aug-09 10:06:45

Legally, you would be entitled to a full refund and cancellation of your order, since they have not kept their side of the contract - the order date and guaranteed delivery they put in their advert makes that part of the contract.

But that doesn't actually solve your problem, and I agree it would be better of they sounded like they actually cared about the problems they were causing to their customers.

Do you have any option of not buying from them another time, or do they have you over a barrel? You could tell them you will be complaining to the school and asking them to change suppliers - if enough peopl do that, then they may lose the business and that might wake them up to some responsibility.

FlatulentStarfish Fri 28-Aug-09 10:34:06

Well I've applied a bit of pressure to the supplier and they now say they have dispatched my goods to Royal Mail and I should have them tomorrow morning well in time for the back to school deadline!

Fingers crossed now, thanks for the moral support MumInScotland!

clutterqueen Mon 05-Sep-11 15:15:59

Hey FS, did your kit arrive? And how on earth did you get through - they are no longer answering the phone!

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