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To feel sorry for the person that bought my laptop on ebay

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SomeGuy Wed 26-Aug-09 00:38:48

I bought a bottom-of-the-line laptop in 2005. Pretty clunky, even then. Haven't used it for a couple of years, and it's used, with a few keys missing (which I did mention).

Anyway, it eventually sold for £100, which I was quite pleased about, and the buyer paid me after 3 days, and I despatched 3 days after that.

I just logged onto ebay today and saw that the buyer had sent me a message (which I didn't receive in email because of ebay crappiness) saying "have been away on holiday, just got back, could you please send ASAP, as it's for my daughter's birthday".

"Oops", I thought, "I would have sent it out sooner if I'd got that", and "Oh dear, my crappy old laptop with keys missing isn't a very nice birthday present".

AIBU/patronising to think this?

pickyvic Wed 26-Aug-09 00:50:41

yes and yes.
is that all? as i need my bed....

SomeGuy Wed 26-Aug-09 00:55:48

by all means.

The buyer has sent me another message, asking about the laptop's wireless networking capabilities. Er, none, that's why it wasn't listed as having them in the laptop.

Have sent her link to a wifi card selling on ebay for £5.35. Feeling slightly sorry for naivety. Which is probably terribly patronising. (Also can't understand how Sainsburys sell a bag of courgettes at £1.78 for 500 grams, when there are loose ones next to it at £1.84/kg, but that's a different story.....)

pickyvic Wed 26-Aug-09 00:56:36

oh and dont speak before youve got your feedback! lol....

if it was sold as described you have no fear. im right off ebay....can you tell?

SomeGuy Wed 26-Aug-09 00:58:24

I don't have any fear, and I'm not bothered about my feedback, just feeling slightly sorry for the buyer, which is just me being terribly patronising TBH.

pickyvic Wed 26-Aug-09 00:58:28

oh dear.... i think your buyer may be a tad naive...but if you sold your lappy as described i dont think you can be held responsible for the ensueing disappointment....oops.

harleyd Wed 26-Aug-09 01:01:11

ive never missed emails because of 'ebay crappiness'

did you list laptop honestly
did you state how soon it would be sent
aybu because you sold a shite laptop and some fool paid over the mark?
and now you're feeling guilty?
i dont really understand grin

pickyvic Wed 26-Aug-09 01:02:34

on the up side - your buyer may be totally made up that they got a lappy for £100....(am trying to find a silver lining!)

SomeGuy Wed 26-Aug-09 01:04:42

My ebay account got hacked a few years ago, and I've not received messages via email from buyers since. Complained to ebay, but their tech support is not very technical.

My listing said "despatch within 3 days", and I sent first class after 3 days, but because it was the weekend, it meant delivery was 6 days after payment received.

Listing was accurate and correct, I'm just feeling sorry for the buyer being a fool IYSWIM.

harleyd Wed 26-Aug-09 01:08:10

yeah, what i said then

ah well, some poor kids gettin a shite laptop thats all their parents could afford
why are you worried, you're quids in

waitingforfanjo Wed 26-Aug-09 01:31:04

I don't always get an email when I've got a message on ebay, so can vouch for ebay crappiness. I don't know why, it appears to happon quite randomly.

I'd be feeling sorry for them too. But of course it could be that buyer knows someone who can refurbish old laptops. My DH works in IT & he often buys crappy old laptops on Ebay & does them up with parts he salvages from goodness knows where. Just for fun hmm
He's done a few for friends who want a cheap one to start their kids off on.

In fact, it's probably my DH who bought it.

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