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need someone medical/sciency with knowledge of human body to settle dispute between DH and I

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crokky Tue 25-Aug-09 22:21:16


I think DH has been irresponsible and he thinks I am stupid.

Whilst me and 3yo and 1yo were asleep, he was cutting plastic tags off clothes over the kitchen table (you know those plastic things with T shaped ends that keep the price tags on clothes). He cut a tag and lost it, but knew it was somewhere on the kitchen table. He went to work whilst we were all still asleep and didn't tell me what'd happened.

I came down and fed 3yo and 1yo breakfast (and lunch) at table. As you'll all know, little kids food comes off plates and onto table etc. Later on, I'm clearing up and find this tag on the table. I'm fuming because I think the DCs could easily have got this stuck to their sandwich etc and accidentally eaten it. I also think that it would be really harmful to eat a little T shaped piece of this tag and that it would get stuck in their intestines and not be visible on an x ray, well and potentially kill them.

Please tell me who is being unreasonable! I won't mind if it is me, I just need to know. I am quite pedantic about keeping the table and floor clean (not germ wise, but just free from stuff the DCs might put in mouths).

Teddington Wed 26-Aug-09 19:37:08

DD once managed to get the zip puller off her grobag and then proceeded to eat it! She announced this over the baby monitor 'Oops, Daddy, I think I eated my bag!'

Called NHS direct who instructed me to take her to A+E in case the 'little thin bit' could tear any of her insides.

The consultant at A+E was so not impressed that NHS direct had sent us there (They do give out strange advice was his comment)but was compelled to Xray her. DH had to go in, in lieu of 8 month bump with me!!

We never knew what became of the zip - DH did the nappy in the morning (the 7 hour 'appearance zone' per advice of consultant) but had forgotten by that point and none of the next 2 days presentations were anything to be excited about!

Perhaps it's still there......

BellaNoir Wed 26-Aug-09 22:14:21

My DB ate an acorn as a child and is still around to tell the tale.
/Weird school alert/
One boy I knew at school ate a lithium battery in a Physics lesson and was ok. The teacher had palpitations though.
Another lad ate a live frog for a bet (£5). Well he actually swallowed it whole. He was ok for about 5 mins and then looked v.nauseous and vomited it back up again. Apparently it was wriggling inside him. It didn't make it. The lad continues to thrive AFAIK.

It's amazing what the human body can cope with IMHO.

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