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To throw a wet nappy at DP's head when he comes home?

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Hopefully Tue 25-Aug-09 10:04:25

Or am I being completely PFB?

DS is 1 in a few weeks. DP and I had agreed in a quiet, grandparents only party (and our respective siblings), as both our parents are divorced and remarried, so inviting all of them and our siblings fills our 2-up-2-down house. We're hoping to go to the park, but will be stuck inside if it rains.

I have just discovered that DP 'accidentally' invited his aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's husband and niece to the party when he bumped into them recently. I don't know them desperately well, and if we were inviting these kinds of relative, I would have invited my own aunts/uncles etc (although god knows where we would have put them). I also don't desperately get on with them, but I'm trying to gloss over that.

I can't tell him to uninvite them, because however he phrases it it will be clear that I don't want them there, and I don't want to look like a bitch.

But now I can't have DS's first party the way I want! <<stamps foot>>

So, can I throw a wet nappy at DP?

I dont think you should through things....

But, chill out - he wants his family there, yes he is a prat for not talking to you about it, sod it - just enjoy your DS's birthday and forget about them all

*throw not through

Meglet Tue 25-Aug-09 10:09:38

Throw the nappy and get him to organise a pre-made buffet from somewhere nice (m+s?) so you don't have to faff about. We had about 20 people in our tiny house for ds's 1st birthday and it was a nightmare.

Hopefully Tue 25-Aug-09 10:26:16

I know I have to do that OnlyWants, but I don't want to. <<grumpy>>

Like the idea of making him pay for M&S buffet though... Maybe M&S buffet, with nothing but a wet nappy for him to snack on throughout the day.

shaninemb Tue 25-Aug-09 17:03:10

or all go out for a meal, invite everyone and tell them they can come if they pay for themselves

Morloth Tue 25-Aug-09 17:06:03

Yeah, go out for a meal - telling everyone a head of time that it is a pay for yourself thing.

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