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to not want to know that my parents favour my dd?

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posieparkerinChina Tue 25-Aug-09 03:44:26

I have four dcs, ds1, 7, ds2, 6, dd1, nearly 3 and ds3 10 mths.

Why would they tihnk I would want to know that dd is so much more special than the others???

BTW I am 8 hours ahead and so may not respond until much later, 3pm gmt.

saadia Tue 25-Aug-09 03:48:08

blimey, this kind of attitude is really wrong, YANBU. I have two dss and some family friends who have two dss and a dd have commented a few times - in front of their dss - that dds are so much more affectionate and caring blah blah blah. It must make their dss feel horrible.

sunnydelight Tue 25-Aug-09 06:31:57

Of course YANBU, it's always horrible to be aware of someone playing favouites. MIL was ridiculous about my DD, the first girl in the family in a long time, to the point where she would follow her around like a lap dog ignoring my two boys who she previously did things with. The eldest wasn't bothered (much older), but DS2 took it badly. DH told her that if she couldn't make her favouritism less obvious she wouldn't see any of our kids.

katiestar Tue 25-Aug-09 10:33:58

YANBU to feel hurt
But I am sure they don't love your DS's any less its more that they are more on a wavelength with your DD best.It is human nature to take to one personality more than another , we all do.Their mistake is that they should NEVER NEVER have voiced it.

pjmama Tue 25-Aug-09 11:38:50

It's just because she's the only girl and therefore different from your lovely boys. I'm sure they love them all just as much, don't take it personally smile

thesunshinesbrightly Tue 25-Aug-09 11:47:09

I dont understand it either when my third was a baby i got asked by my friends which one was my favorite! ds,dd or baby shock

sorry havent got any advice,but i'm sure they don't mean it, they are family after all surely they dont have favorites.

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