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to want to possibly ban my son from football tomorrow

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uniqueatlast Mon 24-Aug-09 20:31:48

Trying to be as succinct as I can as tantrum is happening now!

DS was supposed to be staying over at mum and dad's last night as a treat. My mum is very ill with MND and this was actualy really important for her, my dad and me as well as a treat for him.

DS had a bit of a tantrum on Sat and without warning my H said 'right that's it, your not staying over tomorrow.' I was livid and H and I had a massive row over it, partly in front of DS (I know, I know). DH stropped that I never back him up etc etc and said he'll leave all discipline to me and absolutely did not get that he was actually punishing my mum and dad.

DS is now having a tantrum over going to bed (he is in bed, just screaming). MIL got DH and DS tickets to football tomorrow night.

I really, really want to shout up the stairs and say that if he continues, he won't be going to football!!!

I know it would be partly to prove a point to DH but at least I'd be giving DS a warning which is more than DH did on Sat.

uniqueatlast Mon 24-Aug-09 21:14:40

Ah well, I did issue DS with that threat but did it quiety upstairs. Tantrum over. Haven't told DH that I threatened it though.

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