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aibu- freecycle

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johnthepong Sun 23-Aug-09 21:30:05

I offered a load of stuff on freecycle last night. One lady replied and said she wanted a fridge- I spoke to her on the phone and she said she would be here about 6pm to collect it.

I cleaned the fridge this morning- pulled out all the shelves and washed them all down- cleaned it all out and wiped it over. Myself and my h moved the firdge outside to the front garden so that when they arrived, they would be able to take it quickly.

At 6:30 (bear in mind they were coming at 6 so by 6:30 we were busy bathing the kids- and today was particuarly frought because my daughter managed to burn herself by sticking her hand under the hot tap- by the time they arrived - both daughter and my son were screaming their heads off).

The doorbell went, I answered it to a man and a woman- explained that I had cleaned it this morning but they would probably want to clean it themselves again. The woman started muttering about how she wouldnt be able to bend down to get in the fridge (it was an under the counter fridge- as advertised). I asked if they needed a hand to get it in the car- and I would get my husband. They said it would be fine. I offered my husbands help about 3 times and they kept refusing. So I said, "ok, Ill leave you to it" and shut the door and went back to my children.

2 mins later, I saw them get in the car and drive off- without the fridge.

Im pretty pissed off because they could have at least knocked on the door and said "thanks- but no thanks" but to leave with nothing really pissed me off.

I have since sent her an email saying :
"If you had changed your mind then thats fine, but at least offer me the common courtesy to let me know you didnt want it.

Thanks for wasting my time.


She replied:
"you are more than welcome, you shut the door on them when they came round, what do you expect, "

I have now replied:
"1. I had cleaned it and moved it outside so it could be taken away quickly.
2. I offered my husband to come and help put it in the car to which I was told "no, we'll be ok". In fact I offered my husbands help about 3 times and was told it was fine.
3. I said, "ok, Ill leave you to it then", and shut the door to get back on with what I was doing.

What did they expect?? "


naturalblonde Sun 23-Aug-09 21:33:04

YANBU. Some people are so rude.

Lulubee Sun 23-Aug-09 21:34:20

No, you're not. Some people are just ignorant eejits. Don't let it get to you, but when you relist it, make a point of mentioning them grin

cvyes Sun 23-Aug-09 21:35:39

poor you - makes you wonder why we bother

MichKit Sun 23-Aug-09 21:35:45

YANBU, that's just so ungrateful!

iamtrufflepig Sun 23-Aug-09 21:37:07

I feel for you. We have offered a couple of items on freecycle recently and I had emails from people asking for the items and then not having the decency to reply when I have offered them. The two items did go after I had emailed the third person who asked for them. Like you, these were good quality items which would have cost approximately £250 to buy and yet people continually mess you about. If I have further items they will go to the tip.

HolyGuacamole Sun 23-Aug-09 21:37:17

YANBU. So rude of them.

Meglet Sun 23-Aug-09 21:37:33

yanbu. There are some real idiots on freecycle. I don't use it so much these days.

MrsDinky Sun 23-Aug-09 21:57:39

Grr, YANBU, some people seem to totally lose sight of the fact that they are being offered something free, and ought to be a bit more grateful. I always say if I have not heard from you by time / date (usually 48 hours) I will assume you are no longer interested, that weeds out quite a few. I also keep the emails, so I can avoid people who mess me around in future. I have had a lot of very lovely polite people take my stuff as well though.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Sun 23-Aug-09 22:02:31

YANBU. I got rid of a lot of stuff through freecycle and usually people are grateful. But some looks at the items like this hmm. As if they are paying YOU to come and get them.

Still easier than going to the tip and more environm friendly I guess.

muggglewump Sun 23-Aug-09 22:02:44

Rude, rude people.
It's Freecyle.
I find that some on there not only want it free, they want it delivered free on a gold platter with a red carpet and champagne too.

Ungrateful twats.

jybay Sun 23-Aug-09 22:03:15

YANBU at all. Bloody rude.

Pannacotta Sun 23-Aug-09 22:10:00

YANBU, they were very rude, no excuse for that kind of behaviour.

I stopped using Freecycle ages ago as I was totally fed up with people being grabby and unpleasant.

maidsmum Sun 23-Aug-09 23:36:22

Totally agree, I have stopped putting things on freecycle. It was getting ridiculous with the wanted posts anyhow, but then people were turning up for items, claiming to be single mothers, on the breadline, etc and driving up in big jeeps or fancy cars.
I know its for everyone, but when you offer something to someone because they seem genuinely needing then someone totally different turns up, it annoys me - and I have to cheek to tell the kids not to trust what people say online grin!

TheChilliMooseTalksNonsense Sun 23-Aug-09 23:45:44

YANBU. How rude of them! Report them to your Freecycle moderators and at least they will get a warning. Our Freecycle has a three warnings and you are out rule.
I agree, MaidsMum, it does annoy me when you think you are offering something to someone who claimed to be in dire need, and they turn up apparently well-off, but you can't judge a book by its cover. Maybe it's a work car? But you are right to never believe what someone says.
I like to think that the time-wasters on Freecycle are the minority though.

MsSpentYouth Sun 23-Aug-09 23:56:51

Can I just add my 2p, I am a single mum but I have a 3 year old car, I don't have much money and was given the car following the death of a family memeber, I can say I have felt awkward when they see my newish car, it's not a porshe or anything but I can feel them thinking that I will sell the item on or am just taking it for the hell of it.

BTW, OP, YANBU but to the posters that make the comment about the cars please see it from my side of the coin, ty x

hungryhorse Mon 24-Aug-09 00:13:00

Is it possible the woman didnt know you'd left it outside for her and thought it was still in your kitchen - maybe that is why she said she wouldnt be able to bend down.
When you shut the door she may have thought you were being rude and didnt want her to have it?

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