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to have expected a bit of help and support from DH??

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glaskham Sat 22-Aug-09 10:25:18

Last night DD2 (6mo) just wouldn't sleep. tried everything to soothe her, fed her 6x, teething gel, clean nappy, rocking her, ignoring her, bringing her into my bed even gave a small dose of calpol... nothing worked.

Around 3am she'd started sounding like she was settling so i was just about to drop off and she started screaming again, as i was getting out of bed i mummbled 'FFS DD2 please just go to sleep'... i dont swear but i was so tired and just wanted to sleep. I thought DH had slept through it all (i BF so not much he can normally do during the night).

Anyway this mornign at 7am DH's alarm woke me up, he said i looked rough- i said it was probs because i'd had a bad night and got just over 3hrs sleep in total. He laughed and said 'i know i heard you swearing'... Que my being mightily annoyed that he chose to 'sleep' through it all when he'd obviously known how stressed and tired i had gotten. I was crying at the end of the bed for nearly half an hour in sheer tiredness.

I said he looked like he was asleep through it all, but he tried making out he'd been kept awake lots by her crying. So i said he could have helped me if he'd been awake through it all anyway- maybe i wouldn't have been so bad if he'd been helping too...

His responce was 'there's nothing i could have done', meaning he couldn't feed her- but it was more than just feeding her!! He then said 'well i have to go to work today, you can do nothign at home all day!'... with a 6mo, 3.5yo and a puppy in the hosue?- i dont think so...

AIBU to have expected some help from him if he'd been awake through it all anyway like he's making out?

I'm very tired and hormonal but will take all responces with good grace!!

bradsmissus Sat 22-Aug-09 10:44:15

Poor you - sleep deprivation is horrid. My 2 are past the waking in the night stage but, I learnt with my DH that I had to wake him and ask him to help. He was aware of me being up with a non-sleeping baby but was never awake enough to think "Oooh, I'll get up and help" IYSWIM.

I would tell him straight. Any help and support is useful, even if you can't do the feed.

I really feel for you. Hope you manage to get some rest today. Shame 3.5 is a bit too young to send him out to walk the dog and the baby!!!

glaskham Sat 22-Aug-09 13:57:17

haven't managed any rest yet but not feeling as tired as i did this morning- may be getting my second wind (not sure when i got the first though!!)

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