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To be annoyed that the Endi Blyton book I have bought

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Dogshitsonthedailymail Sat 22-Aug-09 09:57:40

Message withdrawn

Dogshitsonthedailymail Sat 22-Aug-09 09:58:19

Message withdrawn

MovingOutOfBlighty Sat 22-Aug-09 10:02:15

I know!!!! I ordered the old ones on ebay as I thought it was cruel to not allow my dd the joy of chucking about Dick and Fanny. It gave me many a happy hour of mirth.

Also, Dame Slap is now Dame Snap - where is the fear abotu being yelled at rather?

I can't believe I am going to say this but it never did me any harm reading about the little elves being slapped for getting a wrong answer! Is it sanitising books too much?

I do agree with not having gollywogs anymore though.

SilentBob Sat 22-Aug-09 10:02:19

LOL I hated this too- my daughter has an original copy but it was getting a bit worn, so I bought her a new one and even she was annoyed when she realised the names had been changed. Boo hiss to political correctness!

TitsalinaBumsquash Sat 22-Aug-09 10:03:57

Have they changed the Famous Five names as well, they had Dick and Aunt Fanny.

Stupid if you ask me, i read Enid Blyton religiously as a child and i am not warped.

ElieRM Sat 22-Aug-09 10:04:45

YANBU- They're names for goodness sake! And talk about taking things out of context. Language changes over time and word meanings also change. Did they go through and replace 'gay' with 'happy' as well?

Dogshitsonthedailymail Sat 22-Aug-09 10:05:53

Message withdrawn

purepurple Sat 22-Aug-09 10:06:13

How daft
Enid Blyton a bad influence?
I can think of much worse.

TheLadyEvenstar Sat 22-Aug-09 10:11:54

Ohhhh Now I am glad that I kept my copy from when i was 6 younger

TheLadyEvenstar Sat 22-Aug-09 10:14:31

I have just remembered a book (not Enid Blyton) I was given to read by my primary school when I was was called Little Black Sambo wouldn't be allowed now.

TheLadyEvenstar Sat 22-Aug-09 10:16:53

TheLadyEvenstar Sat 22-Aug-09 10:17:58

It was actually about tigers intimidating a little boy called sambo, who basically turned out to be the hero of the hour.....but sadly PC has gone mad.

kitkatqueen Sat 22-Aug-09 10:18:46

ladyevenstar, I too am suddenly very glad I have all my old enid blytons, My dd1 is 5 and loves them I had no idea that they had changed the names in the new ones...

SlartyBartFast Sat 22-Aug-09 10:19:11

i had the little black sambo, probably still at my mother's house.

seeker Sat 22-Aug-09 10:19:17

Children called dick and Fanny? Little Black Sambo? Golliwogs?

It's Political Incorrectness gone mad!

TheLadyEvenstar Sat 22-Aug-09 10:22:52

Slarty, it was a great book. It never harmed me in anyway....although i was probably worried I would get bullied by a tiger at the time lol.

If you look at most school libraries, many books were banned because they featured...Mum cooking / Dad working / and mainly white people...this had to be changed because PC went mad and mums started working dad stayed at home.

dilemma456 Sat 22-Aug-09 10:29:14

Message withdrawn

MrsMellowdrummer Sat 22-Aug-09 10:58:23

They've changed loads off stuff from the original books.

We were reading a Secret Seven book the other day, and the children were given *twenty pounds* to spend at the fair by one of their parents. My brain was doing flip flops thinking how generous that had to be in the fifties, until I realised the edit! Details like that don't tie in with the feel or detail of the rest of the book at all... bad editing I think. Children reading are more than capable of putting the books into their historical context, and should be encouraged to do so for a richer reading experience. I did hear though that the edits were approved by Blighton's family (her estate).

sheepgomeep Sat 22-Aug-09 11:06:13

Ive still got all my famous five and secret seven.. I still read them when I'm depressed and in need of some escapism.

SmallScrewCap Sat 22-Aug-09 11:26:33

We are reading a new edition of the Faraway Tree at the moment and I'd not noticed that Rick and Franny were the new incarnations of Dick and Fanny (although I thought that Rick was quite an 80's name choice for Enid Blyton!)

I didn't think it had been updated TBH, because we still have Mother falling ill and the only message from her sickbed is that she is worried about keeping up with the laundry - and then when she is better she is straight into the kitchen cleaning and cooking and the children agree that this is "lovely to hear."

I was grumpy to think that a woman going straight from bedbound to housework was a lovely, reassuring thing for the family. Can't she at least have a couple of hours sitting up in her dressing gown, reading the paper and having a cuppa before she gets her sodding pinny on?

So PC has not gone as "mad" on The Faraway Tree as some fear...

piscesmoon Sat 22-Aug-09 11:33:38

YANBU-I think it is such a shame.

JackBauer Sat 22-Aug-09 11:39:25

I still have all my old enid blytons in a box upstairs ready for DD's. SO that should cause some fun book reports at school <evil>
MIL still has Little Black Sambo in DH's old bedroom and when we go and stay DD1 demands the 'Bad Tiger Book', we just call it Little Sambo, she loves it.

RustyBear Sat 22-Aug-09 12:21:10

On the subject of replacing the word 'gay' I noticed recently that a lot of Jean Plaidy's Tudor novels have been reprinted, presumably to capitalise on the Tudors TV series - the one about Robert Dudley, which was originally called 'Gay Lord Robert' is now simply 'Lord Robert' grin

KIMItheThreadSlayer Sat 22-Aug-09 12:31:42

Its the world gone mad.

MovingOutOfBlighty Sat 22-Aug-09 12:34:53

The day that they replace Ginger beer with something else is the day that I will stop reading ever again!

Can't belive they changed the money. I grew up in a different country so had no idea what ginger beer was or shillings or alot of the Britushisms. But I loved it all as it seemed so oldy worldy.

Why does everything have to be made 'relevant' for kids to enjoy today. Are they such dullards they cant be told that a ha'penny is money?

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