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to be bloody cross with Vodafone

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Got a new Blackberry Curve on a 24 month contract, I had it on the 9th of July - and now the roller ball has stopped working properly. I have never dropped it, and keep it in the sleeve it comes in.

I called them today - asked what they will do -

the responce was shitty, first I got cut off and had to call back and go through all the options again, then when I finally spoke to steve he told me that is was a known fault and that I would have to send it away for 5 working days - in order to get in finxed by blackberry, there would be no offer of a replacement, and no offer of any compensation as I would have no phone for 5 days -

funkybuddah Fri 21-Aug-09 12:32:13

Do you have insurance with voda? if so take t to a voda store and it will still be repaired but you will get a loan phone but not one with BB service im afraid.

There are talks to sort out the repair process when it comes to BB's and broadband dongles as those of us instore bang our heads daily at the proiceedures and policies


No I dont have insurance, I was though, never asked if I wanted it and I assumed that I was still covered as my old contract was just continued as this was an upgrade. I feel like crying this costs me £35 a month - my mum got exactly the same phone and deal for £30 a month too

funkybuddah Fri 21-Aug-09 12:39:15

Hmmm it should have carried on if youjust upgraded (plus EVERYONE gets insurance even for 1 month at the mo, its free for the first month) you could ring up/email and have a bit of a stink at them reagrding the INS at least. Dont rant instore tho as we a re really tied and strict with exchanges (28 days only and even that is a new longer time than we used to have) the repairs sorted by the call centre shoudl only take a 36 hours as well, our take longer as we have to wait for a collection but thekrs are menat ot be quicker, I woudl call back and see who else you can speak to, you may get a nicer agent or ask for a team leader.

makipuppy Fri 21-Aug-09 12:57:46

I've had a series of blackberries with Vodafone and the tracker ball does go - I think the problem with mine has been that my paws gets it a bit sticky.

Some of them will suggest you send the phone off for 5 days, but I insisted I couldn't be without it for work and they sent me a new one to my door - not the back bit or the battery, just the top cover.

I don't have their insurance - perish the thought.

As funky says, definitely do this over the phone, not in store. You may need to hang up, call back and get someone more helpful.

makipuppy they send you what? New phone or front cover? x

makipuppy Sat 22-Aug-09 11:00:09

I had to keep the back cover and the battery and the sim chip. They sent me the front part, with the buttons. We exchanged old for new at the door.

Obviously I had to transfer all data to the sim.

Good luck!

RIGHT, how do i get this to happen?


funkybuddah Wed 26-Aug-09 08:04:22

call up and explain that you really havent had it that long and that you need a phone for work plus access to your emails whihc is what you are paying for via you blackberyy subscribtion, keep on and on until they cave but again in store we are so bound by only repairing it gets disheartening for us sometimes as its all we want to do, hopefully soon!!

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