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To be a bit annoyed that my cleaner made herself a cuppa?

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kwaker5 Wed 19-Aug-09 20:01:01

Have had a cleaner for about 8 weeks. On first visit I offered her a cuppa as I was having one but she declined and said she always brought her own drinks with her [pointed to cool bag].

I usually let her in and clear off with the DCs while she's there but last week I came back a bit earlier than normal and noticed she'd made herself a brew.

I'm not really pissed off but it's niggling at me. Isn't there and unwritten rule that they shouldn't go in your cupboards/drawers?

thisisyesterday Wed 19-Aug-09 20:02:39

err, yeh, you're being very unreasonable!

i can't believe you mind her having a cup of tea while she cleans the house for you

CybilLiberty Wed 19-Aug-09 20:03:18


She's allowed to pick up your dirty kecks from the landing and clean your loo rims but not go in to make herself a cuppa?

CMOTdibbler Wed 19-Aug-09 20:03:21

That they don't go in your bedroom drawers, yes, but I can't imagine not encouraging my cleaner to make herself a cuppa. YABU

stubbyfingers Wed 19-Aug-09 20:03:55

What a tight arse you are?!

Satsuma1 Wed 19-Aug-09 20:04:24

Mmmm a difficult one.

I can understand you feel uncomfortable about her going into your cupboards.

Why don't you just leave stuff to make tea out on the counter next week with a note saying she's welcome to make herself a drink?

She probably just forgot her own stuff this week. If she's a good cleaner (and they are hard to find!), I would just let it go this time.

ClaireDeLoon Wed 19-Aug-09 20:04:33

How mean!

HaggisNeepsnTatties Wed 19-Aug-09 20:04:41

Oh FFS - YABU!! I have a cleaner. I have offered on several occasions and she has always said no. I was delighted last week when she said yes!! Whats the big deal??

nellynaemates Wed 19-Aug-09 20:04:45

Your kitchen cupboard? Your cutlery drawer? Jesus woman get a life, yabu.

GypsyMoth Wed 19-Aug-09 20:04:53

surely this is a wind up? are you really this petty!!?

theyoungvisiter Wed 19-Aug-09 20:05:38

Are you for real?

1) it is inhuman to get someone to clean for 2 hours in this weather without some kind of sustenance.

2) you had offered her a cuppa before so I think she was reasonable to suppose the offer stood and you would not be such a loon as to begrudge her a teabag

and 3) Where do you suppose she puts all your cutlery etc IF NOT in your cupboards and drawers?! I've got news for you - if you don't want someone in your cupboards and drawers, don't have a cleaner.

llareggub Wed 19-Aug-09 20:05:50


I used to leave the biscuits out.

shhhh Wed 19-Aug-09 20:06:29


Imo although being paid they are still doing work for you and deserve a brew...

Dh disagree's but I make a brew for anoyone who comes to ours..from the window cleaner to the gardner or even the gas man grin.

TheCrackFox Wed 19-Aug-09 20:06:47

Bloody hell. A cleaner making herself a cup of tea! Have you thought about having her flogged?

allaboutme Wed 19-Aug-09 20:06:57

My cleaner unloads my dishwasher and goes in all the cupbaords and drawers putting things away.
Thats her job
Why would you feel funny about her seeing your kitchen items when you are paying her to clean your toilet?

Schubert Wed 19-Aug-09 20:07:00

It depends on how often she sleeps with the master (your DH). It seems a bit UR if she does that for you regularly and then you don't let her make herself a cuppa.

MrsBarbaraKingstanding Wed 19-Aug-09 20:07:41

If it bothers you so much stop keeping your vibrator next to the tea tin.

You are very unreasonable and mean spirited.

EldonAve Wed 19-Aug-09 20:08:18


dailymailIsPerfectAsaPoopScoop Wed 19-Aug-09 20:08:39

poor woman. What is wrong with her having a cuppa. She knows you have offered her in the past but she declined. She probably thought you wouldnt mind her having one, or is she only allowed one when you have one? hmm

macaco Wed 19-Aug-09 20:08:55

you TIGHT arse

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 19-Aug-09 20:09:52

loon. mean loon.

EyeballsintheSky Wed 19-Aug-09 20:09:52

I'd say that's unanimous...

GypsyMoth Wed 19-Aug-09 20:09:53

since when has a husband been a 'master'??

Overmydeadbody Wed 19-Aug-09 20:09:55

Good God that is shocking.

I hope she at least used a builder's mug and not the Royal Daulton.

Deduct it from her pay. The cheek of it.

CybilLiberty Wed 19-Aug-09 20:10:06

One just can't get the staff these days!

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