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To wonder how the bloody hell anyone can buy christmas presents in bloody August?

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EccentricaUsesTheDMForBogRoll Wed 19-Aug-09 17:43:48

How do you know what the person you are buying for will be wanting?

What if come christmas you have either won the lottery or gone bankrupt, affecting how you'll be 'doing' christmas?

What if you are not liking the person you have already bought for come December?

How? Why? How?

Oh and bloody shut up about it too. Bah bloody Humbug.

Lizzylou Wed 19-Aug-09 17:45:58

Have only bought for my boys, mainly so I can budget and have money for wine and new clothes in December.

But haven't told anyone else about this and have only bought bits that I know they will love/need.

I may not like them by December though, what to do............

sillysalley Wed 19-Aug-09 17:45:59

blush I bought my first xmas present today.

Not like me at all, just saw it, knew it was pperfect for my df and bought it. It was only £3.

ChookKeeper Wed 19-Aug-09 17:48:32

I never buy anything until at least 1st December (bah humbug) but couldn't resist today's offer of 2 x £15 itunes cards for £20 from Clintons. They'll do nicely for DDs stocking fillers [smug for getting a bargain icon].

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 19-Aug-09 17:48:54

I have nearly finished blush

mostly getting homemade fruit cakes in retro Marmite tins, parents are getting a bronze for their garden, nephews are all getting handknitted hats, SIL getting a vase.

Fimbo Wed 19-Aug-09 17:49:05

Some people don't get paid before Christmas so in theory that only leaves 4 pay days left. I like to start early so I am not penniless by Christmas.

Mousey84 Wed 19-Aug-09 18:00:24

I pick up bargains throughout the year and have a list on back of my wardrobe door so I know what Ive bought for who. Some are already wrapped (so I know if dd has peeked at her own gifts)

cocolepew Wed 19-Aug-09 18:01:33

I start now to spread the cost.

MIAonline Wed 19-Aug-09 18:16:44

Just be grateful some people do, can you imagine how busy it would be if everyone left it until Christmas? grin

timmette Wed 19-Aug-09 18:31:32

I am starting now as will be in hospital on Christmas eve having c section and for a few days after - so I am trying to get organised in plenty of time.

eandh Wed 19-Aug-09 18:36:32

have started getting the dd's bits but only stocking fillers and as and when I see things (for example got 2 lovely metal tims in monsoon for £1.50 perfect for keeping their plastic jewllery or hair bands in) also got dd1 a princess hair crimper (reduced to £2 in asda) and a fe wother bits I picked up in teh sales in January (christmas art and craft set and some books)

We have decided what their main presents are going to be (dd1 will be getting a traditional wooden desk with a lift up lid and dd2 a electric quad bike thing) and I will get those in October (I do xmas club with my Mum so she'll give me my £600 back in October and tend to get alot of stuff by end of October and keep back X amount for last minute things the dd's declare that they would like Father Christmas to bring them)

elmofan Wed 19-Aug-09 18:39:05

i have 7 presents in already for dd(3)
also have all of ds's (10) clothes in , i have to start early as we have 27 people to buy for cater for Santa

NightShoe Wed 19-Aug-09 18:45:27

I love Christmas so much and I am excited about it already blush

I have always been very organised and even had presents bought in the january sales, but this year I am trying a different tack because I now have a 3 year old who may well change her mid halfway through December. However, she seems to be taking after me and has already told me what she is wishing for this year shock

elmofan Wed 19-Aug-09 19:07:46

my dc's have their Santa lists made out since end of June blush its easy to buy for dd (3) but i think we will wait until October to buy ds (10) presents as he might change his mind ,

mummyslittleboy Wed 19-Aug-09 19:17:57

I have to start early in the year as don't have the money to buy for the kids all at the last minute I usually leave there main presents till nearer christmas but get small bits all year round.

Theinvisibleone Wed 19-Aug-09 20:14:18

I am almost done, just to much to afford if I left to the last minute.

funtimewincies Wed 19-Aug-09 20:43:57

I've also bought probably about half and everything I need for ds, as his birthday and Christmas are very close. Another baby is due just before Christmas.

I could save up the money and spend it all in a couple of hell-on-earth shopping trips or I could pick up things as I see them and think 'they'd be good for such and such' which is much less stressful.

Mind you, I'm doing the buying so I disagree with children dictating what they'll have for Christmas. I take into account what ds wants, but I'm not playing the 'I'll tell you what to get me' game hmm.

panicpants Wed 19-Aug-09 20:52:11

I'm about 3 quarters done. All relatives done..just ds and dh really! Love it! Love knowing I don't have to worry about it and that I can enjoy the build up without the panic. AND have bought most of the pressies in summer sales too, so saving money.

SammyK Wed 19-Aug-09 21:00:19

I was actually sat wrapping xmas presents last night! In my defence am having an operation in November and will be laid up afterwards so trying to be even more organised than usual.

Only buy for children (DS, small bits for DSS1 and DSS2 as DP buys their main present, plus 12 neices and nephews) and my mum and nana. So doesn't matter if I like them come December, they are the people I buy for whether I like them or not! Also I don't ask them what they want (apart from DS's legendary request for a blue cuckoo clock last year) hmm grin, just buy something and that's that.

I always shop early as I find I spend less, I am very strict with myself on what I spend, and find picking up things half price for example helps me stay in budget. Would hate to be xmas shopping when it's busy, prefer to be sat at home making gingerbread men with DS and watching The Polar Express. smile

scrappydappydoo Wed 19-Aug-09 21:07:05

I've done stocking fillers.. little things I've picked up in the sales.
If I see something I know someone would like I buy it but I don't turn it into a mission til end of october..

prettyfly1 Wed 19-Aug-09 22:06:25

me - I am due on the 12 december and the idea of

a. slogging round the shops with a huge bump


b. slogging round the shops post delivery with a newborn

means that this year for the first time ever I am already sorting out the lists and checking em twice WEELLLLL in advance of when I need to

CDMforever Wed 19-Aug-09 22:42:38

SammyK, your tradition of making gingerbread men and watching Polar Express sounds magical! I have OCD (Obsessed with Christmas Disorder) which usually kicks in round about now. I too have started buying stocking fillers. (Asda have some truly fab bits for 1-3 pounds, and saw many of these items for twice the price in tescos.)
My DS aged nearly three seems to mention the Big Man in Red almost on a daily basis so my obsession is obviously genetic!
I always mean to make gingerbread but tried it once and failed miserably. Last year I bought some gingerbread scented fragrance oil - a lot less hassle but nothing to munch on!Another pre-xmas hobby is looking through all my xmas cook books. The best of course being Nigella's Christmas. Its almost a pornographic experience looking at all the delicious morsels and I do actually manage to have a go at making some of the recipes. My house looks nothing like Nige's over the Yuletide period though........

lowrib Wed 19-Aug-09 23:03:20

Simple. Can't afford to do it all at Christmas.

I buy presents all year round, whenever I see something good - particularly things on special offer - and keep them together in a box. It comes in really useful - just today I realised I'd forgotten about my friend's twins' birthday this weekend. I took a couple of nice books out of the present box and I'll pop them in the post tomorrow. Sorted smile

paisleyleaf Wed 19-Aug-09 23:06:22

Fimbo's right, only 4 more paydays til xmas.

TitsalinaBumsquash Wed 19-Aug-09 23:17:35

Im getting all excited reading this now blush

I only have one pressie so far, i still have both Ds's and DP's birthdays to do yet.

I will make my Mincemeat and Xmas Pud soon though.

I am always hunting out Xmas traditions to force upon my children each year, so far we have watching a film (Muppets Christmas Carol) with homemade mince pies and hot choc for the boys and Baileys for me.

I always was Chirstmas to be a magical time in my house like it was for me when i was growing up.

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