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To be stunned that this blood test was not carried out?

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blondissimo Wed 19-Aug-09 12:16:15

Went to GP's back in April/May (can't remember exactly), as I was feeling short of breath and exhausted. I was concerned re asthma as I suffered as a child, but GP seemed to think not, but arranged some blood tests. They were Iron levels (anaemia), total blood count and thyroid function. When called back for the results I was told that everything was satisfactory.
As luck would have it, I actually started to feel better (well still exhausted but breathlessness relieved), so I just assumed it was a reaction to the change in weather (always used to get worse asthma in spring and autumn).
Anyway, I have recently been feeling a tightness, like a lump, in my throat, so visited GP again this morning (different one). She thinks I may have slightly enlarged thyroid and is requesting an ultrasound scan. She looked on computer for the previous thyroid results and says the results are not there! Apparently the thyroid test was requested but she says it must not have been carried out as there are no results on the system!
I'm not really that bothered as she has now asked me to book in for it to be done, but I can't help feeling concerned that this could have happened to someone in need of their results more quickly?

2rebecca Wed 19-Aug-09 12:28:43

I think this is a danger of phoning for results rather than making an appointment to see your GP to discuss the results. If all the other results were normal then if it was just a receptionist giving out results she will just report on that. She won't know that 1 result is missing unless you specifically ask about thyroid results. Blood results often come in at different times even if done together so it won't have been easy for your GP to spot that it hadn't been done either unless you made an appointment to see her and she had her previous comments, the results and you all in front of her. Giving results by phone can lead to loads of misunderstandings in my experience.

blondissimo Wed 19-Aug-09 16:58:23

Good point 2rebecca - I definitely won't be phoning this time, in actual fact she asked me to go back 10 days after the us scan so we can discuss that and the blood results. But sods law they can't give me an appt for the bloods until the 2nd Sept! Not too good when you are a worrier like me!

2rebecca Wed 19-Aug-09 18:07:43

That's a poor phlebotomy/nurse service. I think waiting more than a week to have blood taken is unacceptable.

landrover Thu 20-Aug-09 12:32:31


Justwantout Thu 20-Aug-09 17:29:00

Sometimes the blood sample goes funny/clots or something and the lab doesn't let staff know.

CarGirl Thu 20-Aug-09 17:34:26

my dd had a swab taken and for some reason the culture didn't work so I heard back nothing and assumed everything was ok. 4 months later we were still back at the drs for the same problem when it was revealed that the swab hadn't worked properly.

I was fuming that there seemed to be no system in place for checking that results have come through properly.

cheshirekitty Thu 20-Aug-09 21:18:51

blond- can you go to your local hospital to have your blood taken? You do not have to make an appointment, and you will get the results quicker, obviously.

Not surprised that your thyroid test went awol. I have to have bloods frequently, and often have to have them repeated as they have 'gone missing'. Convinced that somewhere there is a black hole full of missing blood tubes (and results).

shonaspurtle Thu 20-Aug-09 21:27:36

At my surgery they read out what the test was and then the result when you phone. It's an easy check rather than just saying all normal.

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