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takes deep breath... to think that there is no need for this?

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isittooearlyforgin Tue 18-Aug-09 23:59:03

have just returned from holiday. had a fantastic time. owner of 2 other cottages lived onsite. during the holiday, with two under fives,some items got broken.

We paid a £100 damage deposit which we were really happy to leave with owner until after we checked out but owner returned intact before we left although we told her about all items.

On return our internet was down as computer full of virus. when it was up and running again received several hurt and upset emails from owner about a bin lid and how we'd let her down.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking that owner should have kept our deposit and spared us the emotion?

Sagacious Wed 19-Aug-09 00:01:39

So you didn't put on a bin lin?

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:02:41

ummm! bin lid went missing apparently.

BigGobMum Wed 19-Aug-09 00:04:19

How many items got broken? How?

Sagacious Wed 19-Aug-09 00:05:04

Several hurt and upset emails over a bin lid sounds way over the top

One should suffice (if at all I mean FFS. a bin lid is annoying but upset and hurt?)

I am assuming you got your deposit back

Overmydeadbody Wed 19-Aug-09 00:06:13

I think if you told her about all the broken items at the time (did this include the bin lid?) then she shouldn't be sending you hurt upset emails now.

Sagacious Wed 19-Aug-09 00:06:35

Um missed the items got broken.

How many?

I've stayed at many a holiday cottage (with two dc's) and broke a cup once (and that was me with slippy rubber gloves)

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:08:40

bed slat got broken when i leaned on bed on first night. though am big for a woman am not big for a human being (12 stone) so think bed should hold up to a person's weight. a couple of cheap wine glasses which we went to supermarket and replaced. My daughter (4) "helped" getting some washing off line by standing on tiptoes and pulling an item off, the wooden post snapped (which the owner said was probably rotten as it shouldn't have happened) so feel some of breakages were 50:50.

BitOfFun Wed 19-Aug-09 00:10:03

It does sound a bit melodramatic, but all you can do is apologise and offer to pay for replacements, I guess.

debs40 Wed 19-Aug-09 00:12:04

Did you tell the owner about everything? It sounds like quite alot to get broken in a short holiday - it wasn't a 6 month residential let! It sounds like she was disappointed to find there was more damage than she had been told about.

You don't seem that bothered about the deposit element - i.e. 'she should have kept the deposit' - just annoyed that she make you feel bad for the damage you've done, so yes, YABU

BigGobMum Wed 19-Aug-09 00:14:37

OMG you broke the bed?!!!!!

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:14:45

Have just offered to pay for bin lid and will pop cheque in post. It just makes me feel sad that its a really sad end to lovely holiday. Hate to feel as though I've upset someone by no malice. Think it's such bad business sense to give people back deposits before checking all is ok if you feel let down later.

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:15:24

ps - was not through sexual overuse (i wish!!)

Tortington Wed 19-Aug-09 00:15:47

i think thats v. nice of you

she should have checked

its her business
her livlihood

she should take more care over it

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:19:14

thing is if she'd taken money off deposit would have been happy to return next year and recommend but now feel that is impossible. think am a fairly (if clumsy) person but has made me feel rotten about what was at the time lovely.
Her husband has died a few years ago and she wants to sell so suppose is all a bit much for her.

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:20:04

fairly nice that should have been

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:41:52

after email sent to say i would send cheque to replace cost of bin lid, got another email back telling me i was selfish and incondsiderate hmm

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 19-Aug-09 00:47:56

A friend of mine rents out a holiday cottage, and I have just spent the weekend (her only weekend off all year) convincing her that she should be taking some kind of deposit against damage. (It's her first season - god, that makes her sound like a bitch! grin)

Anyway, this one sounds a bit batty, "hurt", "selfish" - these are not businesslike words.

MissSunny Wed 19-Aug-09 00:50:51

Message withdrawn

isittooearlyforgin Wed 19-Aug-09 00:52:51

ahhh! and relax. Mumsnet mums - thank you, feel less selfish and inconsiderate now smile

CarmenSanDiego Wed 19-Aug-09 02:03:23

She really needs to not be so emotional about it. That's what damage deposits are for. And it's her lookout to make sure that the furniture supplied is appropriate. Technically, you could probably have sued her if you fell through the bed and hurt yourself!

My husband broke a glass table in our very posh hotel room shortly after we checked in on our wedding night (not doing anything naughty!) I sent him to tell reception because I couldn't bear the hmm looks.

Firawla Wed 19-Aug-09 11:20:41

you told her about the items, she chose not to check it and retain the deposit, now is sending stupid emails so i would say she is being U, not you.
if she took the deposit and you were annoyed about that, u would have been U but it seems not the case
it does sound a lot of stuff to break though!

landrover Thu 20-Aug-09 12:59:24


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