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to feel really alone?

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fedupintheoffice Sun 16-Aug-09 23:12:47

This is just a bit of a rant really.

My mum is supposed to be coming around tomorrow, all her choice to come but I don't mind having her here, so fine. She didn't tell me a time the last time I spoke to her, so I thought 'oh she'll call tonight to let me know when she'll be coming' especially as I have to meet her in the station, but no phone call, she probably expected me to stay in, or around the area, all day until she rang to say she wanted me to meet her. I cannot get a signal around here on a mobile and don't have a landline and there isn't a payphone for miles and she knows all of this so it was lucky I spoke to her DP online and I asked him to ask her to ring me with the meeting time. I had a bit of a rant to her, rightly or wrongly, and it got me to thinking that there are days when I never speak to anyone that I know. If something happened to me, no one might not know and i'd be left to suffer I enjoy living on my own and as I take an active place in emailing family and making the 3 hour journey every few days to visit (sometimes even after a gruelling day in the office) but I get sad that it all seems to be one sided and sometimes people who are supposed to have phoned me (their offer), don't, and before now i've waited up late for their calls, walked miles in the dark at 1am to call them because I thought something bad might have happened to them and it turns out that, oh, they forgot to call me. It happens a lot unfortunately. Hmmpphhhh! Rant over!

hambler Sun 16-Aug-09 23:15:35

I am confused. How can you wait late for a call with no signal and no landline? How could your mum have called you?

Do you live somewhere really remote?

hambler Sun 16-Aug-09 23:16:45

and you are NOT being unreasonable to feel really alone as it sounds like you are sad

fedupintheoffice Sun 16-Aug-09 23:17:33

Sorry, meant to say that I have two mobiles: one with a signal but with no credit atm and the terrible one with no signal. Not remote, just fairly new network on the unsignalled one!

ideasplz Sun 16-Aug-09 23:20:53

i think she should inform you about her arrival.
she knows you are alone, and you are not just someone else, you are her daughter.

ideasplz Sun 16-Aug-09 23:21:43

she could inform you on net, if mobiles not working.

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Sun 16-Aug-09 23:21:57

get a home phone, people might be more likely to call and it might make you feel less worried about signal. Even if it is in coming calls only.

Sounds like you are lonely. I miss adult convo when stuck in with kids d you have no one close by?

KissMyAssDailyMailcentreplus Sun 16-Aug-09 23:24:09

I'm worried for you..the one that works has no credit? really need to sort that..can you get a cheap landline? does landlines

ideasplz Sun 16-Aug-09 23:25:45

yes, get a landline.

fedupintheoffice Sun 16-Aug-09 23:33:15

thanks for your replies. i know no one round here. it takes 1.5 hours one way to get to nearest relative. my mum said that it wasn't her fault i chose to live alone when i moaned about no one knowing if something ever happened to me. i just thought a bit of courtesy wouldn't go a miss seeing as it's her idea to come to mine and my precious day off won't be so chilled out now!

KissMyAssDailyMailcentreplus Sun 16-Aug-09 23:38:25

She's being a mother..ignore..(I know it's hard) <hugs>

ideasplz Sun 16-Aug-09 23:43:50

it was your choice to live there but still thats not an excuse for her i think.

landrover Thu 20-Aug-09 12:30:47

get a landline

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