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to think that door-to-door selling should be banned!

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wannaBe Fri 14-Aug-09 16:52:47

They're all such pushy objectionable individuals that IMO it's a complete intrusion!

Just had someone round from an electricity company wanting me to switch, and when I said no he started with the "so you're not interested in saving money then!" line... angry if I wanted to switch I wouldn't need someone to tell me to do it!

Ditto for people begging at doors for charity/preaching the truth/selling anything else...

StinkyFart Fri 14-Aug-09 16:54:30

YANBU at all wannabe

clumsymum Fri 14-Aug-09 16:55:10

We have a sign saying we don't buy at the door, but they still try...

YanknCock Fri 14-Aug-09 16:58:05

I hate those sort of tactics, they must work on someone though.

YANBU. I just say, 'I don't buy anything at the door, thanks' and close it before they can say anything else.

For the religious ones, it's 'we're atheists' (which is not strictly true, but it makes them go away).

piscesmoon Fri 14-Aug-09 16:59:05

I have perfected the system and it works! Do not engage in any conversation. Say 'I'm not interested, thank you' and close the door.

shinyshoes Fri 14-Aug-09 17:12:12

I used to think that but a few weeks ago I was round at my cousins and a man knocked on her door selling all bits and bobs.

Turns out they are ex offenders and this is a new scheme to try help them get back on their feet.

I'd never heard of it, but she says they've knocked before.

I really like that idea.

QueenOfFuckingEverything Fri 14-Aug-09 17:14:54

The ex offenders ones are the worst - 29p teatowels and they sell them for a fiver for three by guilt tripping you.

merrymonsters Fri 14-Aug-09 17:21:57

The people selling tea towels etc always have a sob story. They're ex-offenders, homeless, unemployed teenagers etc and then they sell you 3 tea towels for £10 (I know someone who fell for that one!) I had one the other day saying that he was a former miner from Nottinghamshire and he was selling stuff to get back on his feet. We're in London so it's a long way to travel and an expensive place to live to sell dusters. When were there last mines in Nottinghamshire anyway? About 20 years ago? I read somewhere that the sob story is just a sales tactic.

I never engage with people who come to the door either. I think it's such an intrusion.

The electricity switching people never have leaflets. They want you to sign at the door. I knew someone whose wife signed them over without understanding what she was doing (her English wasn't great). They're pretty ruthless.

wannaBe Fri 14-Aug-09 17:40:57

we once had the red cross round begging for money.

I opened the door and she said "we're the red cross, and well I won't patronise you by telling you about what we do, after all I'm sure you've heard of us," I interupted her at this point and said "I'm not going to give you money," to which she responded "Oh I'm not asking for money," "I'm not going to sign a direct debit either." She was a bit taken aback by that at first and then said "So you don't care about people dying in the third world then?" to which I replied... "no." There was nothing she could say to that.

clumsymum Fri 14-Aug-09 17:54:55

Merrymonsters, you are sooo right, about the sob-stories.

Some time ago, DH was working at home one day, I had gone out to run a training course.
A guy came to the door, selling tea-towels, dusters, ironing board covers ... DH told him to go away. He said "please help mate, I'm disabled, thats why I have to do this".

"Hmm" said my DH, "well my wife is disabled (which I am), but she manages to do a proper job. Now bggr off

piscesmoon Fri 14-Aug-09 19:00:34

If you use my method you never get around to hearing the sob stories!

HeadFairy Fri 14-Aug-09 19:03:53

I love it when they trot out that line "so you're not interested in saving money then?" because I always say "No, infact I always prefer to pay the highest price possible for everything I buy!"

dutchmanswife Fri 14-Aug-09 19:08:56

There seems to be a new tactic whereby 3 or 4 appear on the door step. Usually utility companies but the last lot who tried were representing the RSPCA. Shameful tactics. I don't engage and just shut the door but I would gladly see it banned.

Loulou73 Fri 14-Aug-09 19:10:25

A young guy in a suit came knocking at my door a couple of weeks ago. Before he could say anything I said to him that I wasn't going to buy anything to which he replied very sarcasticly that he wasn't selling anything but was making appointments! I gave him a look and he left grin

superduperminder Fri 14-Aug-09 19:22:26

Grrrr I HATE them! We seem to get loads where I live and I generally just say no thanks and close the door.
I had a student knock last week who said if I looked at a child's educational magazine for parents he would earn extra credits - like I care about his credits!
I said I wasn't interested 3 times but he just talked over me, not once looking me in the face. In end I closed the door on him mid-flow, and could hear him still talking to me AFTER I had closed the door - stupid twit!!!

RoseBlossoms Fri 14-Aug-09 19:31:28

I have a dog, that seems to keep them away!

diedandgonetodevon Fri 14-Aug-09 19:31:53

We're lucky as we have are a long way from the road so they have quite a trek if they want to try and flog us anything meaning we don't get many however the downside is that we get the truly persistent ones.
Drives me potty and means they get quite a frosty reception.

I don't believe there are that many people crazy enough to buy from door-to-door sellers so I'm amazed they bother.

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