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To think you should not have to pay for a newborn

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jumpingym Tue 11-Aug-09 14:25:18

I attend a local pre school gymnastics session once a week. It is a great facility run by the lcoal council where toddlers have access to the gymnastics gymnasium and can use the equipment (within reason!). It is a brand new facility so is aiming to attract the local community.

When is was set up it was £1 for the hour session for everyone who would use the equipment which meant £1 for me as well as DS1 as he obviously wanted me to play with him. No problem there.

Recently the price has gone up to £1.50, again no real complaints. However, this week I was advised that I would have to pay for DS2 (4 months) and that charge applies to ALL babies even those only weeks old! The reason is that parents can put them on the soft mats which counts as using the facilities! There is no dedicated baby area and its not that safe for them as the toddlers love running around.

I queried a possible cut off for charging and was told bascially they do not trust customers to tell the truth about children's ages (there have been some spillages and other abuse of equipment).

Therefore it will cost £4.50 for me and the two DSs to attend a one hour session every week. Surely this is not going to enourage community engagement and therefore tackle obesity etc.

Am I just on my high horse about this and just pay the fee? I am minded to complain to a higher level so want to know I won't look like a loon!

muddleduck Tue 11-Aug-09 14:28:11

The sessions near us had a trust-based system where you only paid for babies if you wanted them to use the stuff. Tis sad that your place doesn't feel they can do the same.

llareggub Tue 11-Aug-09 14:28:35

How can they charge if there isn't a dedicated area for babies? Complain and demand they provide suitable facilities for the teeny ones. It isn't that hard to have a baby area, it it?

ilovetochat Tue 11-Aug-09 14:29:03

i would complain, my dd goes to a similar class, it is £2 per toddler, i do not and would not pay as i am only there to supervise her, similarly i wouldnt pay at soft play hmm and anybody with babies leaves them in their carseat/pram by the equipment. I believe once the babies are crawling and therefore joining in a bit they have to be paid for.

plonker Tue 11-Aug-09 14:31:29

YANBU - that's bloody ridiculous!

No way would I be happy paying that and I haven't heard of it happening anywhere else either. I would complain.

ConnorTraceptive Tue 11-Aug-09 14:32:12

We were going to take ds1 to a local steam railway until we realised that they were going to charge us £7 each plus £4 for 4 week old ds2 shock

jumpingym Tue 11-Aug-09 14:41:40

I have no probs paying once he is crawling and may actually get some use of the stuff. They pretty much insist all adults going in pay the £1.50.

A friend who has just had a baby brings her Mum along to supervise the baby so she can play with her DD. Mum can't stay at home with baby as baby is BF on demand. Her Mum has no interest at all in using the equipment but they will have to pay £3 for her and baby to sit at the side, or she waits outside on her own! Maybe they think the lure of the trampoline will be too much

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