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to buy my daughters winter clothes from boden and ask for reviews of there clothes

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tinkisback Tue 11-Aug-09 14:17:16

hi new to boden

want to get my daughter who is 4 end of this mnths winter clothes from boden. never bought fron them before know they are exspensive can anyone give there opinion or reviews if they have purchased them before on the following :-

want ot get this button dress in the bottom to spotty colours

whic colour tites would you get to go with them
know that the tites are exspensive have looked on other websites cant find any other ones

basically want to buy 3 dresses either 2 of the bottom dress the courd one and one big button dress or 2 big button dresses and one courd

Heated Tue 11-Aug-09 14:20:31

On the Boden website, there is a 'read all reviews' bit in blue you can click on, next to the star rating.

Also do you know there is a code to get £10 of £30 and free p&p? can be used as many times as you like, I believe.

tinkisback Tue 11-Aug-09 14:45:26

cheers ye have read reviews still cant decide both dresses are nice

Tamarto Tue 11-Aug-09 14:47:30


ccdgarden Tue 11-Aug-09 21:45:57

I buy Boden for myself (not my 2 DSs! lol as they put holes in everything, cover it in mud etc). Sometimes it's hard to tell whether an item is the very thing for you unless you actually see the things yourself and the colours/ quality of the fabric.

I don't hesitate to return items if they don't meet my expectations (I always wait for a "free postage/ free returns" offer before I order, mind you!)

Not sure where you are, but I have bought nice tights for friends' children at M&Co in the past.

LittleMissBliss Tue 11-Aug-09 21:50:44

I've seen lots of nice girls tights. Next have some lovely girls tights that aren't all pink and flowers. So do M&S. I have also got some lovely star tights for a friends dd in Asda.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 11-Aug-09 21:53:52

Whats the £10 off code please?

littlestarschildminding Wed 12-Aug-09 08:48:15

Boden clothes are generally good quality (they have a 3 mnth no quibble return policy if you are unhappy with anything).

I personally wouldn't buy tights from them...I would buy the nice dresses from them and then go to tesco for the tights..prob £2 a pair rather than £9!! Im the same with trousers and jeans (their basics are no better than matalan or next)

I always buy my kids a few of my favourite items from each season just because I like them so much. Generally I buy for my eldest..then my youngest gets them the following year and then they go on ebay if in good enough condition. So don't work out that expensive for us!

audreyraines Wed 12-Aug-09 09:27:15

yeah, one thing to note is that they seem to sell really well second hand on ebay, i bought some once, i didn't particularly love them but recouped a fair bit of money on ebay when they were outgrown.

MrsBadger Wed 12-Aug-09 09:31:26

I I get plain coloured cable-knit tights from Gap - after extensive research they are the ones that best survive the washer/dryer without bobbling. Only come in cream and navy though.

Heated Wed 12-Aug-09 09:37:34

Stripey, courtesy of another MNer (Nickname, I think it was) the Boden code for £10 off £30 & free p&p is A993.

notbeingfunny Wed 12-Aug-09 10:24:18

Why is this in AIBU?

skihorse Wed 12-Aug-09 11:05:54

YANBU - but you do need to get a life! hmm Seriously - either you like the clothes or you don't. Do you want us to review your Tesco trolley too?

tinkistheresidentshopper Wed 12-Aug-09 12:12:59

no need for that skihorse i was just curious 2 see what people think

cheers ladies for helpful comments. i am going to use that code and order bits next week

MrsBadger Wed 12-Aug-09 12:20:50

(NB in future try posting in Products, or even Style and Beauty - AIBU is for, shall we say, a different use?)

StillSquiffy Wed 12-Aug-09 12:22:17

I have bought their children's tights in the sale - they are gorgeous - all soft and thick and totally different than the stuff you get in Tesco. Saying that, I wouldn't pay full price for them. £18 is crazy money.

My kids live and sleep in boden and am very impressed with quality. I quite often buy second hand on ebay because the stuff does last really well.

VinegarTits Wed 12-Aug-09 12:27:18

YABU Boden is shite

skihorse Wed 12-Aug-09 12:48:49

Seriously - if you don't have anything better to worry about than the opinions of women you've never met on clothes for your children then perhaps you need to get a hobby. I do mean this in the nicest possible sense!

Who gives a toss what ANY of us think?

tinkistheresidentshopper Wed 12-Aug-09 14:15:09

right end of this thread.

Tamarto Wed 12-Aug-09 15:17:54

YABU to think you can decide when a thread ends.

tinkistheresidentshopper Wed 12-Aug-09 17:19:06

shut up

Tamarto Wed 12-Aug-09 17:29:26


Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 12-Aug-09 17:32:06

Tink you can't tell people when to stop posting, espcially not in AIBU! wink

fircone Wed 12-Aug-09 17:36:05

This is exactly the sort of post which someone puts in AIBU so it gets seen, even when it is UNREASONABLE to put it there.

This should be booted into Style & Beauty asap.

AitchTwoOh Wed 12-Aug-09 17:38:39

is that you, tinksmum? good to see you back. grin (except i thought tink was three so maybe i've got the wrong person...)

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