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To Want To Do Something About This?

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juicyjolly Mon 10-Aug-09 22:49:40

Is it right that Virgin Media can send a bill for £34 which we paid.
We had our service cut off the next day and when I phoned them to find out what the hell was going on I was told that we owed £3 for a film we had on demand.
Except it wasn't on the bill we received.
To get the service back we had to pay a £10 late charge.

What can we do. They said I was talking to a supervisor when I phoned up to argue the toss with them. Obviously I got nowhere. Does anyone when trying to sort something out with Virgin?

whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 07:35:07

I told them 'not to be so silly' and they wrote it off when this happened to us. But you need to write to them, send a cheque for £3 that you do owe and invite them to go to small claims court if they want - they won't

mrswells Tue 11-Aug-09 20:14:18

We've argued with vm before and they are a bunch of tossers.

In the end we got fed up, wrote a massive complaint letter to them, and sent a copy to ofcom (or whatever they are called now) just because we could. ofcom don't normally get involved until you've been through all dispute proceedures.

The next day we had a call from someone who actually had the authority to sort things out and we ended up with a £100 credit on our bill (we had major problems!!)

They can be beaten!!

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