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to hate my neighbours

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drlove8 Fri 07-Aug-09 23:31:00

..... because they have destroyed my daughters "garden". DD4 has special needs ... we cant use most of our garden because the neighbours use it as the local tip, and as a toilet for their two dogs.its not safe.
there is a small strip of garden at the front of the house that is usually kept really tidy .... its mine and too far from the neighbours door for them too dump their rubbish.
DD4 has a thing for flowers.... she has few words and flowers is one she will say without prompt and with understanding.
so we decided that we would grow dd4 some flowers.
Together , dd4 and i planted some flower seeds in a corner, and i put some edging down to make it seperate from the grass. Then we waited for the flowers to grow.
they started to come up and blossom.... every day DD4 would go to her wee "garden" and say flowers, she'd mabey pick one and be grining for the rest of the day.
this doesnt sound much, but is a big big thing for DD4 , she has learning difficulties/suspected autism and was so attached to her wee space.
Today , when we returned from the doctors, we found that the edging has been riped up for the second time and her flowers have been trampled on.... the rose bush that was planted has had all the branches kicked so there hanging off...... neighbours were sitting laughing when the saw dd4 scream when she saw what they did..... the daughter had a vile smirk when she saw us come up the garden path....How can anyone do this to a disabled child?

famishedass Fri 07-Aug-09 23:34:14

shock - have you previously fallen out with your neighbours over anything.

lou031205 Fri 07-Aug-09 23:34:59

sad drlove, I don't know what to say. So sad for your DD.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Fri 07-Aug-09 23:36:43

sad That's horrible. Your poor, poor child. I wished I lived in Scotland so I could help you clean it up.

I hope they get lice in their armpits! angry

Tidey Fri 07-Aug-09 23:38:35

Where do you live?? Is it a really rough area with a lot of antisocial people and other problems? Or so you just have thoughtless and arseheaded neighbours? Is there anyone you can complain to about this, the council or anything? So sad

giraffesCanRunA10k Fri 07-Aug-09 23:42:27

YANBU Thats shite absolute shite

GlastonburyGoddess Fri 07-Aug-09 23:43:36

peoplecan be evil senseless creatures our neighbors moved out tuesday and left us a card under a winderscreen wiper on our card reading-


Our children btw are 3 and 5-the eldest who is under assessment for aspergers etc. oh and we have TWO cats, both neutured.

people are sick.

Do you have any way of locking your gate or something. or is it a shared garden?
can you contact the HA? (if its rented, not owned)
horrible people

GlastonburyGoddess Fri 07-Aug-09 23:44:11

on our *car

GlastonburyGoddess Fri 07-Aug-09 23:45:21

-god help their new neigbours in devonshock

Thunderduck Fri 07-Aug-09 23:46:13

Where in Scotland are you?

blinks Fri 07-Aug-09 23:49:39

might be an idea to go to them and ask if they've seen anyone near the garden... big doe eyes etc. tell them that you know for a fact that it couldn't be them as they'd never do anything so cruel etc.

implore them to tell you if they see anyone hanging around with intent.

thank them for being such lovely neighbours.

then wait and see.

drlove8 Fri 07-Aug-09 23:50:40

i have had bother with the neighbours since i moved in here 6 years ago.... the two prevous tennents moved because of them.... its the tennents children (teenage 14yrs , 16yrs, 19yrs, )that are the problem mainly.... but the woman is a twat too... She told me she laughs when she hears dd4 screaming at night, or when she has a (autistic meltdown)temper tantrum. hmm
the only thing ive ever done to them was ask nicely that they stop dumpping rubbish/smashing bottles/ destroying my kids garden toys.
police cant help, and the council wont do anything.... we cant afford to rent private -and there is no council stock , so we cant move with them either..sad
sorry just needed to vent , it gets a bit depressing sometimes.all i wanted was for dd4 to have something to connect her to the rest of the world...sad

VeronicaMars Fri 07-Aug-09 23:56:15

Could you have some flower plants indoors maybe? Different ones in different rooms?
Oh and I'd be tempted to post their dog shit through their letterbox!!
Neighbours can be the main cause of stress for a lot of people.

idontbelieveit Fri 07-Aug-09 23:57:17

So sad for you. Your poor dd. Can you maybe plant something on a windowledge inside so they can't destroy it? i can't believe how awful some people can besad

Thunderduck Fri 07-Aug-09 23:57:41

And lice in their pubic hair would be preferable.

drlove8 Fri 07-Aug-09 23:57:50

Glastonbury omg! thats horrible, what an evil thing to do.... we live in fife, our home is in a four in a block, sort of 4 large flats in one building , has a semi-shared garden.... partly fenced off, but i would gladly pay to have it fenced off completly... but as the neighbours also destroy the wooden fence, it would have to be a metal high one.... and council wont give permission.
its just rotten luck...sad

Tidey Fri 07-Aug-09 23:57:55

I'd agree with blinks, but by the sounds of it they wouldn't even bother denying it was them. Unfortunately it sounds like they are proud of their disgusting behaviour. I'm so sorry drlove8, it sounds like a horrible situation.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sat 08-Aug-09 00:01:05

Can you install a CCTV??

The police should be doing something, it's criminal damage. I'd go back and tell them you will be contacting the media unless they pull their fingers out and do their job.

You can get ASBO's in scotland can't you?

drlove8 Sat 08-Aug-09 00:01:58

thunderduck - grin you've got me laughing....i hope the lice have bio-hazzard suits on .... going by the mess of the garden theyre not the most hygenic people in the world.blush poor lice.

Thunderduck Sat 08-Aug-09 00:02:36

If I was closer I'd help out in any way that I could.

Is it possible for your dd to have window boxes or those mini greenhouses to grow things in?

Thunderduck Sat 08-Aug-09 00:04:03

You have a point.There's no need to subject the poor lice to such horrors. Though perhaps the resulting irritation would be worth sacrificing their lives for.

BigGobMum Sat 08-Aug-09 00:04:31

Thunder - they probably already have lice in their pubic hair!

I hope they all get piles the size of grapefruits.

drlove8 Sat 08-Aug-09 00:04:57

fluffy we have cctv , but its aimed on the car.... they smashed windows before so ....
police are useless and dont do a thing...
as for asbos.... think the son has some already.... dont think they are actually for anything other than to give the neds a "badge of dis-honour"

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sat 08-Aug-09 00:05:45

and gout, sooo painful, maybe chicken pox, this is nasty great if you catch it as an adult.

Thunderduck Sat 08-Aug-09 00:08:28

No.Piles the size of watermelons with the texture of pineapples.

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