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would it be unreasonable of me to take a nap when the DC do?

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norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:27:05

DD is 20 months and DS will be 9 weeks tomorrow, in the last week they've started napping at the same time, or at least with a reasonable crossover. It's more through happy coincidence than design though so I don't know how long it'll carry on.

DS is EBF and still feeds at night (obviously). DD is usually up at 6:30 and I have to stay up late if I want to spend any time with DP at all because he usually has to work until 10 or 11.

When DS was new I used to take him to bed with me for a lay down during one of DDs naps but I stopped doing that a few weeks ago and in the mean time DD has moved over to only having one nap.

So what do you think, would it BU/legitimate for me to nap when they do? I do sometimes but it feels lazy and a bit cheeky.

Tee2072 Fri 07-Aug-09 11:29:28

Of course you should! That's the number one mantra of a new mummy: Nap when the baby(ies) nap(s)!!!

No one ever died from an untidy house, I promise!!!

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:34:54

Mmmm, surely that's when you have a newborn, say the first 4 or 5 weeks?

mayorquimby Fri 07-Aug-09 11:35:49

i say go for it.
although have seen some of the responses on other thread when mothers have come home to find their husband asleep on the couch or napping when in charge of the kids, so wouldn't be sup[rised if one or two show up and call you irresponsible.

MaLopez Fri 07-Aug-09 11:37:15

Rule number one of new nummy. Be lazy, sleep as much as you can, ask for as much help as possible, do as little as possible, feel no guilt.

That is what I intend to do with Child number 2 come November. Says me sitting in bed with laptop asking DH for my toast and cold water with DD at summer camp. I love lazy

AuntieMaggie Fri 07-Aug-09 11:37:25

If you need a nap then have it - don't worry about what anyone else thinks. You need your energy to look after your DC so if that means napping when they do then so be it.

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:39:10

I'm not worried about not hearing them! Unfortunately There's no danger of that. It's more about it feeling lazy and slovenly. If I did sleep I'd do the same as at night - DS in my room and my door open so I can hear DD.

MaLopez Fri 07-Aug-09 11:39:57

What's a nummy?? Serves me right for being lazy and not previewing!

sorryaboutthenamechange Fri 07-Aug-09 11:39:58

I would ,, i still do and the dc are 2 and 11 monthsgrin

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:40:37

Lol - also not worried about what others would think if they knew. There's nobody who would anyway TBH.

starynight Fri 07-Aug-09 11:41:31

i agree if children are asleep and safley in there cot/bed there's no reason why you cant have a nap too.

KirstyJC Fri 07-Aug-09 11:42:24

Of course you should have a nap too - that's the whole point!

You need your sleep. Don't worry about the housework - it will still be there when you wake up!grin

stripes200 Fri 07-Aug-09 11:42:51

If DD would have naps now at 7 years old so would I.

Don't be crazy, you're not being lazy, it makes absolute sense to sleep when they do up until they start to sleep through the night.

Go and have a nap as soon as they do.

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:43:01

Right, that's it I'm going to do it! Well, for today anyway.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 07-Aug-09 11:43:52

Definitely take a nap. DS is 12 months old and still waking at least once during the night, and if we have a bad night with teething or whatever then I sometimes have a nap when he does to catch up.
No need to feel slovenly, getting enough sleep is absolutely the most important thing when you've got little ones.

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:44:30

DD still doesn't reliably sleep through, does that mean I could legitimately have been napping every day for the last 2 years? grin

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 11:46:23

Off to bed - will come back later <oh the luxury>

oneopinionatedmother Fri 07-Aug-09 11:48:07

mid-day mummy nap an essential!

otherwise i'm all tired and moody by 6pm.

i have 7 mo and 2yo - i plan to keep them both napping until school age.

PatTheHammer Fri 07-Aug-09 11:49:37

I don't think you necessarily even have to have children to be entitled to a nap. Everyone should be allowed to nap if they can do so without endangering others grin.

Before I had DC's I sometimes used to get home from work at 4pm and have a nap till DH came home from work at 5.30pm.

I just wish my two (7mths and 3.2) would nap together, it has happened about 3 times in total and it was heaven smile

Wigeon Fri 07-Aug-09 11:58:46

I can't believe you are wondering if it's ok to take a nap with a 9 week old and 20 month old! TAKE A NAP! I was taking naps with only one DC when I was knackered from lack of sleep. Definitely definitely not slovenly or lazy. Essential for preserving sanity.

Do not feel guilty. Feel proud that you have your priorities right (happy, rested mummy = happy DCs). Enough sleep should be considered as essential as getting your five a day, or regular exercise, not as something to be ashamed of.

alittlebitshy Fri 07-Aug-09 11:59:09

I was still doing this when ds was 6 months. it helped that my dd is at school so in the day i just have him, but if i was tired and he was napping i figured he would be better off if i napped as i'd be happier and more alert later.

flatcapandpearls Fri 07-Aug-09 12:01:15

I am still having my afternoon nap and dd is 7.

potoftea Fri 07-Aug-09 12:06:09

Just reading your thread title made me want to scream norktasticninja grin

How can you possibly think you'd be unreasonable to rest when your dc are safe and sleeping. You need to keep yourself healthy to be a good mother, and if your body needs sleep it isn't that you're being lazy. That is the best thing you can do for your dc.

Hope I don't sound too cross with you, but really you have a hugely demanding job at the moment, so be kinder to yourself.

norktasticninja Fri 07-Aug-09 12:43:06

Thanks all! OK, I consider my self 'told' and will definitely take a daily nap from now on!

I tried to just now but it was far too hot (26 degrees in my bedroom FFS), DS kept stirring and I kept expecting DD to wake up at any second. She whent down at 12 (11 uk time)...

So, I'm making myself a cappuccino and going to MN in the garden grin

NormaSknockers Fri 07-Aug-09 14:00:18

Good grief woman get sleep at every oppurtunity you possibly can grin

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