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Does anyone else work with people who act above their station!

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cookiemonster100 Fri 07-Aug-09 07:22:42

The head of dept PA organizes group activities and when ever they have been organized a few of us do not get hotel rooms because we are local. At the last event myself and her were the only local ones there so when I asked could she book me a cab ( coz she is the one Auth to book on company behalf) I am told our head was not going to let us. Fine I thought, I will just have to drive ( and miss out on all the free booze grin!!). Anyhow to cut a long story short ? she has booked herself a cab. so one rule for her and one for the rest?!!

Then a few days back she had to send out a squilion letters and stuff them into envelopes. Personally this falls under her role. Anyhow she roped us into doing them ? and pisses of home early to have her hair done!

She controls all the stationery and you literally have to justify yourself for a new pen!

She thinks she is the only woman out there to hold a job and have children (sorry ? but the whole world is not interested in what her children do ALL THE TIME!)

Whenever she asks for help ? she literally bellows out across the dept so you are obliged to go and help her. And then somehow it ends up in your lap.

She is a right gossip and I am sure breached confidentiality ? somehow she knows what everyone is earning when I know she should not have access to this kind of stuff!

I know these things are petty but really she is seriously getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!

Salleroo Fri 07-Aug-09 07:27:37

I dont mean to sound smug, but I dont miss working and these bitches types.

I feel for you. Would you be able to grit your teeth and get on her good side, or is life to short?

booyhoo Fri 07-Aug-09 07:28:51

have it out with her. is she more senior than you?

re the cab, can you not just book your own privately?

Confuzzeled Fri 07-Aug-09 07:34:55

It's a hard one.

Do you have appraisals with someone more senior coming up? If your company don't do them, maybe you could set one up and speak to someone more senior about her. The thing is, all these issues sound petty individually, but as a whole, she's taking the piss. Frankly it's a bit like bullying, she's making the rest of you do her work and being intimidating because you feel like you can't stand up to her.

It's hard when you have to go to work with someone you dislike every day.

IsItMeOr Fri 07-Aug-09 08:56:43

Is she senior to you? Because if not, then you could just try ignoring her bellows. She will soon feel like a prize idiot doing that if everybody just ignores her.

These things are hard though, and you have my sympathy. I was lucky to be relatively senior in my last role, so these kinds of issues didn't bother me much personally, but I could see the impact that they had on some other colleagues. Why can't people just treat each other nicely, life would be so much easier? Can you see why some of my colleagues called me naive grin?

cookiemonster100 Fri 07-Aug-09 09:11:44

Thanks for advice!

She is not senior to me however she does organise the department stuff i.e. hotel bookings, external meetings etc. I know when someone else upset her so when they needed a hotel room, she booked them into a crap hotel when there was a perfectly good one up the road! so there is an element of keeping her sweet with some of the team.

I am going to just ignore it now - make out i am too busy to help her etc. Plus already told my boss that if i need things like cab etc I am going to pay for it privately and claim back on expenses. I have had informal whinges to them so they are aware. He is a bloke so does anything for a quiet life! grin

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