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to nick the laptop cos DH is having a boys only weekend....

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JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 21:14:47

Not so much pissed off as jealous/annoyed.
I am going to my mum's tomorrow for along weekend, DH's job means it is very difficult for him to get leave over the summer so he is staying here. He is working until 7 friday night and then off until 7 monday morning so he can't come with us as it's not worth travelling 250 miles for one night.

As he has the house to himself and he is off he has invited his best mate down for the weekend, fine, no problem, nice for them both.
His best mate is bringing his brother....and now he is inviting his other mate to stay as well.
There will be boys sleeping in the spare room, the sofa bed and poor DD1's bed as well, they will be drinking and probably watching porn playing xbox and going out on their bikes while I will be having a 'lovely' time being all prim and proper at my mums.

So I am taking the laptop. So he can't check the weather or anything without resorting to teletext or our underpowered rubbish pc upstairs so I can at least MN from my mums.
Mum has a pc but I want my laptop. AIBvindictiveU?

lizziemun Wed 05-Aug-09 21:36:37


Deff not.

Laptop for checking the weather is no where near as important as mumsnetting grin.

GoldenSnitch Wed 05-Aug-09 21:40:14

What is it with boys this weekend? - Mones off to Berlin to get pissed with his mates and I am laughing at his complete lack of preparedness as he runs round trying to get everything together

JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 21:41:28

Thanks. Didn't realise how much of a rant I went off on thengrin

I am already plotting my first weekend away since before DD1 was born (BFing and /or pg for 4 years, so not much point) with my very childless still a student mate...awesome!

JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 21:43:05

Well I have just told DH that I have washed enough bleeding sheets so there is a pile of 3 clean duvet covers (one single) assorted pillowcases and some duvets and pillows in back bedroom. I'll be fucked if I'm going to make all the beds too grin

They are just (sweeping generalisation alert) useless, aren't they?

peppapighastakenovermylife Wed 05-Aug-09 21:51:41

I remember my DH informing me I would have to clean the house from top to bottom as his friends were coming for the weekend and he was too busy to do it hmm

He is actually some how still alive but never tried that one again!

JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 21:55:36

I was about to tidy kitchen (as part of normal routine) while tea was cooking when he came in all important and insisted he had to wash the BBQ things now.
They aren't arriving until Friday night.
Now the kitchen is a pit and I go 'off duty' after the girls are in bed and refuse to do housework, so he can do it himself tomorrow. hahaha.

And there are no clean bowls cos DD and I were 'cooking'


GoldenSnitch Wed 05-Aug-09 22:05:26

Wander back into the kitchen just as he's finishing his BBQ tools and mention that he might as well do the whole kitchen while he's in there with a sink full of water ;)

JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 22:07:49

Oh this was 5 hours ago, but I dont do housework after the girls are in bed. I dont care how shitty the house looks, it is one of my rules as I am a lazy hogrin

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