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to hate sleepovers

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kiwibella Mon 03-Aug-09 23:46:01

why have them... the kids don't actually go to sleep? They are noisy... have too much fun grin... wake the baby... want to sleep all morning... make a mess.

hobbgoblin Mon 03-Aug-09 23:48:36

yep i have 5 asleep downstairs and 11 day old baby upstairs - little channce of sleep i fear

BigGobMum Mon 03-Aug-09 23:49:44

YANBU But unfortunately it HAS to be done! Yes they are awake all night but you get a peaceful next day.

kiwibella Mon 03-Aug-09 23:53:46

I hate stepping over them the next day even more.

kiwibella Mon 03-Aug-09 23:54:15

5 hobbgoblin???? Kudos wink

hobbgoblin Mon 03-Aug-09 23:55:05

mine are asleep - in the playroom. My idea. I forgot there are no curtains in there. hmm

How old are your gaggle?

kiwibella Tue 04-Aug-09 00:03:27

13... only the two of them.

I told them to go downstairs but dd1 said, "later". Like, later - when? grin.

Hubs has instructions to send them to bed when he goes.

KTNoo Tue 04-Aug-09 00:03:47

I hate them too. dd really wanted 4 friends to sleep over for her 8th birthday recently. She has stayed at friends' houses a few times with no probs so I agreed. However, by midnight on the birthday we only had 1 friend left - the 3 others had all got scared and had to be collected. The funniest bit was when dh got up in the morning and panicked that 3 of the kids were missing! (I kept quiet for a while before letting on - serve him right for going to bed early and leaving me with the rabble!)

Am now wondering why they all hated my house so much - maybe it's my refusal to give them endless meal options (see other thread on this page...!)

seeker Tue 04-Aug-09 00:11:21

What's to hate? Buy pizza. Feed them pizza in the living room in sleeping bags in front of the TV. Shut the door and go to bed. Easy.

kiwibella Tue 04-Aug-09 00:21:24

I wish I could seeker. The noise annoys me. Yup, I'm a control freak grin.

To be fair... they are watching a movie now.

kiwibella Tue 04-Aug-09 00:23:02

KTNoo grin.... that's funny that the children needed to go home.

Though, I remember not being allowed to go home from a sleepover once when I was little. I only lived about three doors away but the Mum wouldn't take me or let me call.

I am not traumatised!!!!

Mumcentreplus Tue 04-Aug-09 00:30:45

Oh you grumpy mommas! grin..I love sleep-overs I helped at my nieces one doing make-overs..I have one coming up..I think they are fun..when my DDs get older I want to hire out the Sleepover room at Alton Towers!...maybe I'm a glutton for punishment hmm

BitOfFun Tue 04-Aug-09 00:41:36

I refuse to do them. I have a younger dd with sleep problems that I don't want to disrupt. Plus I was recently told that when dd1 went on one with a friend they all watched Drag Me To Hell. They are 13 ffs! I don't approve <<fussy breeches>>

DollyPS Tue 04-Aug-09 00:47:36

I love em when they are at others houses LOL!!!!!

Naw they are fine as I already have a lad that has ADHD so is awake most nights anyways.

Pizza movie sleeping bags what more do they want nowt thats what.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 04-Aug-09 01:27:37

I had seven 12-year-olds for DD1's birthday last week and four seven year olds for DD3's, two nights later.
The 12 year olds were great. The 7 year olds got up at 5.30am. <<shudders at the memory>>

kiwibella Tue 04-Aug-09 12:11:03

dolly... sadly, that's how I feel.

Dd2 is up by 7am... she doesn't understand that it's not time to disturb sleeping teenagers who have only just gone to sleep (probably).

If it was movie / pizza / sleeping bag that they wanted, I would be ok.

I also think that special occassions (birthdays) are a great excuse for fun. Then I would probably go all out with entertainment. I like the sound of a sleepover room MCP.

mumblechum Tue 04-Aug-09 12:14:04

They were banned in our house for a few years as they were a massive pain in the arse, however now ds is almost 15 they're painless and go like this:

10.30 ds and his mate come to ours from mate's house.

"Ok if dan stays over?"

No pjs, toothbrush or anything, ds sorts out a sleeping bag, they game till 1am and wake up at 11, make their own breakfast and bugger off for the rest of the day.

Life is sooooo much easier with teensgrin

anniemac Tue 04-Aug-09 12:37:54

Message withdrawn

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