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to not let this lie?

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makipuppy Sat 01-Aug-09 17:27:30

I do apologise for this, my second hormonal rant on the dull subject of cleaners..

When we left our flat overseas, being heavily pregnant, I asked the landlady to find someone to clean it properly. She asked the lady over the road to come over and give us a quote. She quoted us 8 hours, 80 euros. I thought it was a lot but hey, I didn't want to get down and scrub...she promised to do a fab job.

When we moved out I did a superficial clean and everything was removed leaving an empty 100 sq meter flat with wood floor.

I paid her, but the LL has since contacted me to say this lady took another 50 euros off her because she had to rewash the floors - for another 5 hours hmm

I explained to LL I wasn't thrilled, that she had quoted on sight etc., but paid, because LL was very good to us. I did say that cleaner should give us an itemised invoice detailing why she needed 15 hours to clean an empty flat. I wanted her to feel at least a little ashamed.

I received this invoice today, it explains she had to charge an extra 50 over the quote, because it was 'very dirty'.

It was cleaner than when she saw it the previous day to quote.

I know this is a very dull problem, but I feel unreasonably angry (36 weeks pregnant and hormonal) and want to write to the cleaner telling her what I think of her and asking her to return the money.

DP says 'drop it fgs woman it's over and done with'.

Whereas I feel that little murderous nub that rubs and rubs...

franklymydear Sat 01-Aug-09 17:30:36

Drop her a note

Say that she quoted having inspected the property, you actually tidied up and emptied the flat after she'd quoted and you feel she has been dishonest requesting 15 hours cleaning to be paid for a job that you both know took far less time. Tell her that you believe in karma and if you do wrong by people it will come back to you in your lifetime. Wish her health and happiness and do not expect your money back

LuluMaman Sat 01-Aug-09 17:31:25

50 euros is more than half as much again

i don't believe that a flat that was cleaned by you would then need another 5 hours worth of floor cleaning.

i think she is taking the piss and i would be very surprisde if a flat that was empty and had been superficially cleaned would need 15 hours work doing

it is not a dull problem, you feel ripped off

makipuppy Sat 01-Aug-09 17:37:08

Thanks Frank and Lulu,

I like your note idea. I'll have to write it in German or Turkish though!

I absolutely agree that I'm not going to get any money back, I just can't bear such dishonesty. Her son came with her when she quoted, and went on about how we must be rich to afford such a big flat. I'm quite sure he made his mum charge us extra because 'we were loaded and wouldn't say anything'.

angry angry

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