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to want to do my own thing on my birthday?

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EverythingsPink Thu 30-Jul-09 12:39:13

A 'big' birthday is approaching and I planned to have a barbeque. I've now changed my mind as i think this will be too much hassle (preparing food, cleaning the house etc) so I thought a meal out with a few friends might be better.

I understand most of my friends will struggle to get babysitters but if they can't make it, then that will be a shame but I have so few nights out (as we don't have anyone to babysit either) that I intend to make a special effort on my birthday. (one friend has already dropped out but said if I went back to the bbq idea she could come and bring her baby - i don't think she intended to make me feel guilty but I do!) Another friend is only going to come if everyone else isn't in couples as she's recently seperated and 'will get drunk and sad'.

Anyway, my mum and sister have now decided they'd like to come and visit and my mum has suggested we go out for a pub meal that night!! Why can she not see that the best present she could give is to babysit and let me do something different on my birthday then go out for a pub meal?? This would then mean bringing my dd and going home for 7.30pm when she goes to bed!!

Am i being unreasonable?

madeindevon2 Thu 30-Jul-09 12:48:44

not at all
suggest to your mum and sister they come visit in the afternoon and then babysit in the afternoon while you go out with your friends!
i bet they just havnet thought about it...

madeindevon2 Thu 30-Jul-09 12:49:47

babysit evening i meant

EverythingsPink Thu 30-Jul-09 13:30:02

My sis will be bringing her boyf. He won't want to stay in all eve babysitting though so if i invite them out with my mates (that they don't know or have anything in common with) my mum will be in on her own. Which would be fine if she'd suggested it but she didn't. I'd have to ask.

I wouldn't mind quite as much but i did suggest that we meet up the day after my birthday instead (by email).

I'd just like to say that i am not one of these people that think their birthdays is the most important event of the year - to me or anyone else but I would just like to get dressed up for once!!!

muddleduck Thu 30-Jul-09 13:33:18

Has your mum asked if there is anything particular that you want a present?
This could be a tactful way of asking her to babysit.

EverythingsPink Thu 30-Jul-09 13:40:41

kind of. We ended the phone call with her saying 'you'll have to have a think about what you'd like for your birthday'. By then I was too fed up and wanted to get off the phone!

If i get something from GemsTV I'll be really cheesed off. (This is not as unlikely as you'd hope!)

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