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AIBU - to not feed my mum's cats while she is on holiday.......

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BlueSmarties Wed 29-Jul-09 19:01:23

Mum & Dad have gone away on holiday and before they went they asked me to feed their cats. I've got 2 young kids so although it would be a bit of a pain to drag them out twice a day for cat feeding its not far to go and wouldn't be too much hassle, esp considering how much M&D have done for me.

But I said no. Now before you start thinking- 'what a heartless cow'.......

My 20 year old brother is home from uni with no summer job and the reason he can't feed the cats is because he likes to sleep in late so they might not get fed til lunchtime!!!!!

I said I'm sure the cats would adjust to the new feeding time - but my grandad thinks I'm an ungrateful unhelpful cow.

BlueSmarties Wed 29-Jul-09 19:06:20

sorry - no idea why this got posted twice. please ignore duplicate

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