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AIBU.... to want to go nextdoor to complain at gone midnight, about their dog?

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SleepyCaz Mon 27-Jul-09 12:10:58

It barks loudly, in the garden or conservatory, i think, until at least 1am, nearly every night. This week has been particularly bad. Most weeks it is about 3 times a week, but last week it was almost every night. It's really driving me mad. It has woken both my children up in the past, but it keeps DH and I up the most as our bedroom is nearest to where the dog is kept. Have heard the neighbours on the other side opening their windows and just shouting, "Shut that F*ing dog up!!" which I think is rude, but I do agree with. Feel like complaining to them, but feel sorry for them with both neighbours on thier case. Still, I'm blooming knackered!

PeedOffWithNits Mon 27-Jul-09 12:12:33

can't you report them to the council, that noise late at night is not on

Nancy66 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:17:08

I have problems with neighbours and noisy dogs - do have a word definitely but if they aren't doing anything to shut the animals up, chances are they don't care.

dog barking does count as noise pollution but it's very hard to get the council to take action as they have to witness it themselves and their rules are ridiculous. The guy from our council decided that as the dogs barked in 20 minutes bursts and then were quiet for 10 mins before starting again that it didn't warrant 'an unnecessary nuisance.'

wasabipeas Mon 27-Jul-09 12:33:56

Your local council will have a noise pollution department
Ours are great - if you phone them after 10pm to report noise, they'll send an officer around straight away
They are then able to talk to the offending householder and issue them with a warning.
If they break their warning, the council can go back and either take them to court, fine them, or remove whatever is making the offending noise (I know this applies for steros, not sure about dogs!)

Is the dog kept outside all night? If so, might be worth a call to the RSPCA as well...

SerendipitousHarlot Mon 27-Jul-09 13:54:58

You should definitely say something, although it very much depends on the neighbours and how approachable they are.

We had the same issue a few years ago - 2 dogs, in the garden all day and night, constantly barking, it drove me mad angry

We complained to the noise pollution dpt at the council, and they wrote back to me really quickly saying that they would also write to the owners. Whether anything further happened, I don't know because we moved grin

I have a collie, and there is NO WAY I would allow his barking to interfere with my neighbours peace and quiet. Very lazy dog owners.

motherbeyond Mon 27-Jul-09 15:04:15

our neighbours used to allow their mangey old mutt to roam freely around our was aggresive and ran barking at any car/pedestrian/cyclist..horrible thing.anyway i was 15 and walking our dog when it ran over,bit my dog and bit and scratched my back whilst trying to get another go at our mum went over and complained.angry

when our dog barked at midnight (when my noisy brother came home) neighbour was straight over(in her dressing gown and nightie!) dinging the bell and saying the noise was awful etc!
so id say if SHE had the gall to complain about our dog barking on one occasion,especially after theirs terrified the residents on a daily should defo say something to yours!
incidently they had been neighbours for 40 years as my mum had lived there as a little girl and then inherited the house from her it's not like they didn't know each other !!

their dog died not long after,she came over to tell us like we should be sad!!loon grin

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