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To actually feel a little SORRY for Liz Jones

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she gets linked to quite a lot on Mumsnet (which is why I end up reading her drivel, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

She just seems so UNHAPPY. I think she doth protest too much about not wanting children, I think she may have the body of a skinny 17 r old but she has the personality of medusa, she has this irrational NEED to slag off and denigrate anyone who doesn't have her lifestyle. I am surprise she HAS any friends if this is the way she talks about them in the media, part of me wonders if before every column she emails them and says "don't worry about what I am going to say about you this week it's only so I can afford more designer handbags - love you really".
However I am in a forgiving mood this morning, so instead of thinking all of this is because she is not a nice person, I am going to put it down to the fact she must be dreadfully unhappy with her life.

So AIBU to feel sorry for Liz Jones or is she really just a harriden?

belgo Mon 27-Jul-09 07:43:40

At least she is consistent. She hates WOHM and SAHM mums equally.

belgo Mon 27-Jul-09 07:46:04

She also seems to hate her friends. In fact does she like anyone human?

MrsMcCluskey Mon 27-Jul-09 07:46:52

you make your bed you lie in it

Ronaldinhio Mon 27-Jul-09 07:56:47

hag but predicable hag

Pruneurs Mon 27-Jul-09 07:57:18

There's this core of columnists who seem to be used because they will write things that get a lot of attention. Julie Burchill used to do it but you always got the impression she could handle herself. In this case I wonder if there is quite a bit of exploitation going on on the part of the media.

Also I don't know about other people but the reason I snatch my child away from cats (or any other animal) is not because I am worried about them being scratched but because I don't think it's fair for cats/dogs/rabbits etc to have their whiskers/ears/tails pulled.

LoveBumSex Mon 27-Jul-09 08:05:17

You can't do things like lie about your age so that a bloke marries you and then wonder why you end up divorced when he discovers he can't have the family he wants.

Why would you want to marry a bloke who didn't know your real age!

LoveBumSex Mon 27-Jul-09 08:08:16

The only answer i can think of is that you knew he wouldn't have married you if he did know

expatinscotland Mon 27-Jul-09 08:09:50

Oh, please. She doesn't want children unless she can have a nanny in tow and some man to pay for it and the child sits there like a statue.

It's not just about the children she seems so unhappy with her whole life...

Also I have friends who geniunely don't want children and they don't sound anything like her, I think she is narcissistic enough to want children to be an extension of herself and then spend the whole of their childhood competing with them for "daddys" attention. IYSWIM.

expatinscotland Mon 27-Jul-09 08:14:49

As for caring about her looks, she needs to lose that witchy hair dye.

Pruneurs Mon 27-Jul-09 08:15:49

No, expat, it's to do with her anorexia. She wrote about it recently. It was a very unsettling read, a bit like visiting Bedlam for entertainment. sad

LivingLaVidaLurker2 Mon 27-Jul-09 08:17:27

Oh, this woman just drives me insane. So much whingeing. She's like me as a teenager. (Actually, much worse as at least I had the excuse of Being A Teenager).

I don't really care if people have children or don't have children. What I do care about is when people who don't have children go on about how smug we are, blah blah blah.

I have been childless and now I do have children. And since having children, I find my life more fulfilling, exciting and full of promise. And I will not apologise for that. Yes, I'm tired. But I was tired when I didn't have children. But I also wake up every day looking forward to what the day might bring.

God, can you imagine if she was your friend in real life? You'd meet for coffee...

"Hi Liz - you look amazing, about 35 if not younger! How are your cats? How are your dogs? Have I mentioned you look great? Well, I'd better go now - don't want to bore you with anything I've been doing in case you slag me off in one of your columns. Love to the cats. And dogs. You look awesome!"

Liz (sobbing) "You forgot to ask after my chickens, you selfish cow."

expatinscotland Mon 27-Jul-09 08:22:30

her hair dye is to do with her anorexia? how?

my two best friends are childfree by choice - both in their mid-40s - and are very, very happy people.

Winehouse Mon 27-Jul-09 08:23:39

Also, does she not realise how pointless it is to say that it is wrong to bring more people into the world?

It's evolution, it's what the species does. If no more people were born, who would make her handbags?

idranktheteaatwork Mon 27-Jul-09 08:25:18

Have pmsl at the bit where she talks about not wanting to end up alone etc etc, then comments on her mother being alone in her room daily.

Wow, looks like she even hates her own mother, let alone sahm/wohm.....

She is just a seething mass of bitterness, can you imagine what a fucking bore she would be if you went out for a drink?
And i bet she has clothes for the dogs. You know, little jackets and the like.

amidaiwish Mon 27-Jul-09 08:26:26

it's this sentence that really gets me, the kid stuff is like water off a duck's back

"Do I worry about growing old without the possibility of children or grandchildren? Sometimes. But then I think of my mum, who had seven children, and how she sits alone in her room every day.
Having kids is no guarantee of anything. Anyway, I wouldn't like to impose myself, dependent and infirm, on anyone I even vaguely cared about."

I bet her mother is so proud hmm and her siblings just as bad.

wildfig Mon 27-Jul-09 08:26:46

Normally I find Liz Jones a raging headache of denial, hypocrisy and basic lack of common sense, and she embodies everything - EVERYTHING - that is infuriating and woman-hating about the Daily Mail, in one irksome package. But there's something genuinely sad about that article: it isn't really about whether mums are smug or not, it's about her own fear that she'd be a terrible mother because she fundamentally dislikes herself.

I mean, it's also about her ridiculous need to jump through society's hoops (this time by having kids) while simultaneously rejecting the hoops, and she comes out with some typically dumb asides, but for once I do actually feel sorry for her. Bedlam is right - I wish she had a friend who'd stand between her and the Mail editor commissioning this stuff.

"my two best friends are childfree by choice - both in their mid-40s - and are very, very happy people."

exactly, but all she does is bang on about children and mothers before protesting that actually she doesn't want any. I wonder if she is bitter because the choice was taken away from her...

TigerDrivesAgain Mon 27-Jul-09 08:28:12

I posted on another thread that I did feel sorry for her. Not so sure after reading that pile of selfindulgent rubbish. Presumably it's all shock value in order to sell the new book (see last line of article....).

Alternatively, there could be a nightmare in which you wake up and find you're one of her friends.

And (although I accept this may be editing), what does she mean: "she was sat", " a group of whatevers was stood"? Either they are all models posed by someone else or she can't write English grin

stubbyfingers Mon 27-Jul-09 08:36:05

oh god what an absolutley vile and repulsive woman. how can anybody bare to be around her when she's so horrible about her 'friends'?

blergh <washes eyes>

mamadiva Mon 27-Jul-09 08:39:41

Never heard of her before and quite frankly never want to hear of her again, what a narrow minded arse hole!

Yes it's a choice to have children but there is no need to bleat on about which decision you made, and certainly no reason to slam people for having the opposite view which is what she is doing.

Probably best that someone like her did'nt have a child I dread to think what kind of brain washing she would inflict on it.

The rediculous part about her wanting to adopt an Indian child made me laugh right enough. So she does'nt want children, hates all that mothers do and can't stand the mess that it brings but she wants to adopt an Indian child... publicity do gooder anyone?... she contradicts herself soo many times it is laughable, I'm guessing this woman is more 'famous' for her arsey attitude than her writing ability!

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