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in wanting to reuse DD's girly sleepsuits and vests on my DS2?

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LackaDAISYcal Sun 26-Jul-09 20:08:08

We have lots of vests and sleepsuits that are pretty girly in that they are covered in flowers or pink.

Would it be totally unreasonable to use them for DS2? I mean he will only be wearing them to bed or under clothes......does it really matter that they are slightly on the more flowery side of unisex?

DH says fine, and although in principal I'm not against it, especially as we are a bit skint at the minute, something is holding me back.

What say MN?

NorbertDentressangle Sun 26-Jul-09 20:10:32

If you are worried about what people might think why not buy a machine dye and dye them all blue? Only costs about £3

OK some of the flowers might still show through but the plain ones will be fine

Clayhead Sun 26-Jul-09 20:10:52

I did just that and ds doesn't seem to have come to any lasting harm!

A couple of people noticed and had very odd reactions to it though, told me I was cruel!!

thrifty Sun 26-Jul-09 20:11:13

ds recived a present when he was a baby of a purple and pink sleepsuit with flower print pattern and matching hat. it was sent from some well meaning relatives from israel, we were a bit hmm at first, but he wore it anyway grin

KIMItheThreadSlayer Sun 26-Jul-09 20:11:48

Use them.

I had a washing misshap when DS1 was little and so he had pink sleep suits for months till he grew out of them

mrsboogie Sun 26-Jul-09 20:13:25

of course its ok! the baby won't know any difference

PenguinProject Sun 26-Jul-09 20:14:13

YANBU, do it. If you feel at all uneasy Norbert's idea is a good one.

troutpout Sun 26-Jul-09 20:14:19

Oh definitely use them!

pistachio Sun 26-Jul-09 20:15:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LionstarBigPants Sun 26-Jul-09 20:15:42

DD received a stack of pajamas from her older (boy) cousin. She has no other girly ones, but loves going to bed in 'footballers', 'aliens', Bob-the-builder and Thomas PJs.

I mean, so few other people are going to see the PJs, what does it matter?

drlove8 Sun 26-Jul-09 20:16:51

id dye them .....dylon do a good navy one in asda is about £5 would do a full load in machine.

sweetnitanitro Sun 26-Jul-09 20:17:48

YANBU, it will do him no harm and it will save yourself some money.

Also I think the whole gender specific thing is a big con to make parents buy 2 of everything instead of just using hand-me-downs.

hester Sun 26-Jul-09 20:21:43

I wouldn't even dye them. FGS, what does it MEAN to put a baby boy in pink? What on earth is it saying to you that you would even bother reaching for the Dylon?

LadyPinkofPinkerton Sun 26-Jul-09 20:23:10

DS2 slept in a pink swaddle wrap as it was passed down from a friend. It never bothered me, him or DH.

Good to save money and the environment

Pollyanna Sun 26-Jul-09 20:24:18

my ds2 wears his older sisters' pjs etc and looks very cute! He also wears some of their more unisex day clothes.

He isn't aware of it (although today he might have been when they put a dress on him and renamed him Edwina grin. He is 15 months old.

notanumber Sun 26-Jul-09 20:27:30

Colours are for everyone!

'S all bollocks, all this blue/pink malarkey.

I mean, you've got blue stuff in your wardrobe, right? Your DH probably has a pink shirt.

What's the worst that could happen? A stranger might glimpse a flash of your son's floral vest and <gasp!> mistake him for a girl?

Put him in his sister's clothes. Chill.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 26-Jul-09 20:32:27

thanks, I know it makes sense financially, and he has already been in the paddling pool in a lovely pink sun suit. We also have some winter sleeping bags in pink that he will probably end up using....

and yes this whole gender bias thing is really annoying; clothes were less gender specific when I was growing up as well, and wore my brother's hand me downs. I'm cursing myself for falling into the gender trap tbh, but DS2 wasn't planned so I had no need of forward planning where clothes were concerned and got carried away with the overly pink and girly stuff.....strangely since knowing I was having another boy, DD's clothes have got much more unisex wink

right, tomorrow he will be going to bed wearing big flowers all over grin

LackaDAISYcal Sun 26-Jul-09 20:34:14

I suppose he will thank me one day for shunning anything with a slogan on though even if he can't forgive me for the chelsea flower show on display on his although he will be wearing pink and flowery, it won't say "Daddy's Little Princess" on the front grin

pjmama Sun 26-Jul-09 23:17:41

It's all good ammo to embarrass him with in front if girlfriends in years to come! I have boy/girl twins so much of their wardrobe was interchangeable in the early days, really they wore what was cleanest and within reach! Mind you, DS does now love to dress in his sister's fairy costume...[hmmm]

pjmama Sun 26-Jul-09 23:18:34

bugger, too many m's! hmm

Mybox Sun 26-Jul-09 23:20:11

I've reused all the clothes I could why waste money? You could dye them all dark blue if you wanted to.

lockets Sun 26-Jul-09 23:21:02

Message withdrawn

TheLadyEvenstar Sun 26-Jul-09 23:25:20

Hey you think its bad to use his sisters clothes???
DS2 has a gorgeous shocking pink nappy (pic on profile)
he has vests with pink flowers on
bright pink vests
dora vests
yellow vests with red hearts on
white vest with mummys angel on (in pink)

hey they were all reduced and i was skint!

he also has a pink toy buggy and his bubba...

I don't think I am doing him any harm though.

TheLadyEvenstar Sun 26-Jul-09 23:26:39

meant to say and i have no girls in the family at all lol

LackaDAISYcal Sun 26-Jul-09 23:37:58

ooh, this is all reassuring stuff.

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