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To think it's not my fault this ferret is homeless?

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I'm selling an old rat cage, the ad came out in last night's local paper, I was at work.

So DH fielded a lad of calls and rather than just sell it or at least take people's phone numbers he told everyone to ring back today when I'd be in. He swears all he said to people was to ring back and htey'd be able to sort out coming to see it.

So someone rang back at 8:00am this morning, was here with the money 20 minutes later and I sold it.

Then at 4:00pm I got a phonecall from a woman who said she's ringing about the cage. I told her it was sold, "yes, you've sold it to me" she said. Well I was a bit confused as she didn't sound anything like the lady that did buy it. Then she started ranting that my DH had promised her the cage (he swears blind he didn't). Then tells me she now has a homeless ferret and what's she meant to do. I told her it wasn't my fault and she said it was!!!!

Even if she and DH had some sort of misunderstanding and she thought it was her she should have come round sooner. There's no way I'd hold anything till late afternoon for someone as I've had this before - people promising they'll have it and then you never hear from then again. Also the cage is too bloody small for a ferret and I'd never have sold it to her.


AmazingBouncingFerret Sat 25-Jul-09 20:05:19

There are indeed some crazy people around.
I, personally am loving all the space and freedom of not having a cage. wink

Excellent, more bouncing space.

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