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to accept dh's payment plan for my new jacket?

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shavenhaven Sat 25-Jul-09 17:39:07

I really want a new jacket that costs a fair bit of money, dh says there is no problem with me getting it if i "raise" the money.

£25 per complete blowjob- must swallow
£50 per bumsex session

i should be able to afford it by next weekend grin

it is actually me that controls the purse strings but i am quite impressed with him coming up with this idea, now we both get what we want grin

hercules1 Sat 25-Jul-09 17:40:36

Glad to see feminism is alive and kicking! grin

TheCrackFox Sat 25-Jul-09 17:43:14

I'd go for a new handbag and shoes to match. grin

saggyjuju Sat 25-Jul-09 17:44:53

imagine what i did for the new kitchen!grin grin

shavenhaven Sat 25-Jul-09 17:47:17

i was thinking about perhaps a new car if i do ok with this task. start of small then work up to the bigger things grin

snigger Sat 25-Jul-09 17:47:41


Don't do it.

Get him to 'raise' the money for everything you do, then spend it on a jacket.

Momdeguerre Sat 25-Jul-09 17:48:57

Wow, wonder how much my DH 'owes' me in back pay grin

2shoes Sat 25-Jul-09 17:49:04

you know what it will make you though

TheCrackFox Sat 25-Jul-09 17:53:33

Someone with a nice jacket? wink

shavenhaven Sat 25-Jul-09 18:11:34

i can handle being a stylish hooker.

i cant handle being a frump with morals.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 25-Jul-09 18:18:29


But that is just my opinion.

You do what you like.

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sat 25-Jul-09 18:30:18

Well, i started a thread once where i gave my DP a BJ in return for him going out and getting me a big mac. Boy was i flammed. Thing is, my escapade was initiated by me, it was a joke - yeah, it happened, but it was just a bit of fun and he would have gone and got me the Muck burger anyway and i would have given him the bj anyway.

I'm sure this is the same situation, but it leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth - surely you don't have to ask your DH for money for clothes? If you work, then buy it yourself, if you are a SAHM, then whats his is yours for now, on account of your work being done at home, so if the money is in the bank and you can afford it, you shouldn't have to even ask. The sexual favours are by the by.

shavenhaven Sat 25-Jul-09 20:53:51

oh no i dont ask him for money ever, but this is quite a bit more than either of us would usually spend on a jacket so i wanted to clear it with him first.

he just laughed then went hmm hang on a minute i know how you can earn it wink

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sat 25-Jul-09 23:20:39

ah, well thats different then - enjoy!! (and the jacket!)

2rebecca Sat 25-Jul-09 23:40:29

Sooo glad I'm financially independant. He sounds a bit gay with all the anal sex. What's wrong with looking at your face and "using" your vagina? Fine if you want to feel like an ugly hooker.

kormachameleon Sat 25-Jul-09 23:42:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

angelene Sat 25-Jul-09 23:47:34

How odd to put the 'must swallow' bit on.

Who doesn't?

I always think it's rude to spit.

I think it's OK as long as you don't end up having to 'raise the money' for the weekly Tesco shop (thin end of the wedge and all that, ahem)

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sat 25-Jul-09 23:54:40

rotfl at only gay men wanting anal!!! That has made me laugh for the first time this evening (having a bad day)

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sat 25-Jul-09 23:57:03

hang on a minute £25 for oral, £50 for anal - you should be able to afford it by next weekend - well, just exactly how much is that jacket??

Rebecca, do you not ever do it doggy fashion "using" your vagina? Honey, you don' know what you are missing! I quite like anal too - call me a whore.

HuwEdwards Sun 26-Jul-09 00:00:40

Shaven, go for it!

Swallow like you never will again!

What's to lose?

Your integrity?

Ah well.

scottishmummy Sun 26-Jul-09 00:03:20

be any orifice name your price whore
aye go girl instead of earning your own money take it up the tail pipe for a jacket

well done

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 26-Jul-09 00:07:47

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 26-Jul-09 00:08:36

Message withdrawn

scottishmummy Sun 26-Jul-09 00:13:18

are you alluding to an inability to comprehend?your problem not mine

and the jock sterotypes are lame and bitty tiresome

i shall type slower and you can think faster

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sun 26-Jul-09 00:13:57

perhaps the OP LIKES taking it up the tail pipe! Strange as this sounds, there are women who actually like this - i do/did - lately found it a bit uncomfortable (i think i have piles) blush.

But who am i to talk, i sucked off DP for a Big Mac.

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