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to want my oh to have a reversal just so i can satisfy my NEEEEED for another child?

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chickydee Sat 25-Jul-09 15:48:30

Long story short(ish), at 19 i had a child(boy) who was adopted, and after that i physically ached for another child, so met oh, married and had dd (12). THEN I got cancer, told chemo would more than likely leave me infertile,ok thinks I, I have dd, so we get on with life afterwards.
2001 I fall pregnant with ds (7), BIG BIG shock,but i was pleased so was oh, my medical needs at the time meant i was quite ill, and dr's said no one would blame me if i aborted child, But i would never do that and i love him dearl, But cos of the huge shock oh went to have the snip a year after ds was born, something we both decided was best,Fast forward to now.......
I am desperate for a baby, oh is easy going and wouldn't be bothered if it happened, but I'm not sure he wants to make the effort to try for a reversal, and after all this time would it even work???]
We are looking at fostering, altho at the mo we don't have a spare room,(have converted cellar which dd will move to when ready).
Every day i know I cant have another makes me want it even more!!!
I ache again.....
So, aibu? I guess so really but I know alot of you will understand the feelings I have.

cocolepew Sat 25-Jul-09 15:51:13

You both decided on the snip and you say you don't have enough room for a foster child, so how will you have room for another child of your own?

chickydee Sat 25-Jul-09 15:55:04

Weell, new child would be in with us then share a room with either brother or sister, but you cant do that with foster children, they have to have their own room.

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