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Do you reckon this is a bit weird?

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GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 13:30:24

I was showing a good friend some wedding pics from another friend's wedding (they've met and get on but aren't actually friends per se as they live miles away from each other).

Anyway, the friend who's wedding it was married another woman. When I showed my friend the pics they included one of them kissing after being pronounced married. My friend said: "I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth" (she's American, hence the turn of phrase).

Thing is, the friend who said this is also a lesbian, so don't think she intended it as a homophobic remark. I can't work out why she said something so rude though, do you reckon it's weird?

cornsillk Sat 25-Jul-09 13:32:41

Could she have found the pic a bit cringy/sickly sweet.

norksinmywaistband Sat 25-Jul-09 13:33:28

very weird considering her sexual preferences, was it a full kiss or a in public kiss, beacause regardless of sex/orientation, I do think some couples overdo the mariage kiss

GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 13:34:18

I don't know really, it was just a photo of two just married people kissing, nothing over the top or different about it in my eyes.

I just think it was quite a rude thing to say, but I don;t know what motivated it.

maggievirgo Sat 25-Jul-09 13:34:47

Yeah, I've said similar about some wedding photos where the photographer had the bride and groom 'appearing' from either side of behind a big tree.

I laughed unkindly, and I didn't dislike the pair or anything. Just found the wedding photos a bit saccharine.

RealityIsGettingMarried Sat 25-Jul-09 13:34:50

Message withdrawn

GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 13:36:34

Really, you don't think it's rude to insinuate that a picture of my friend makes her want to vomit?

I guess if I thought it, I wouldn't say it to someone who was a friend of the person in question, but it does take all sorts to make a world so I agree that some people think that that's not a rude thing to say. Fair enough.

paisleyleaf Sat 25-Jul-09 13:39:20

grin at Maggievirgo's tree pic!

RealityIsGettingMarried Sat 25-Jul-09 13:39:27

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 25-Jul-09 13:40:57

Message withdrawn

GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 13:40:59

THeir pictures were nothing like that. It was a picture of two women in High Street dresses kissing in a register office.

Mumsnet is a weird place, I had forgotten that it's ok to be about women on here if they happen to be being a bride at the time.

I think I'll just ask my friend why she said it.


GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 13:42:13

x postr shineon!

I didn't ask at the time because I was a bit taken aback and thought maybe I didn't hear right. Then I thought about it, realised I did, pontificated on here, realised that was a waste of time and decided to ask her myself.

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 25-Jul-09 13:42:40

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 25-Jul-09 13:43:53

Message withdrawn

GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 13:45:13

I didn't mention it at the time because I wasn't sure I'd heard her right and also the expression kind of threw me because I've not heard it before it didn't really click that she was making a dig.

But thank you, I'm perfectly relaxed smile

proverbial Sat 25-Jul-09 20:28:05

Maybe shes just anti-marriage?

GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 20:30:32

Nope, she's engaged herself, but can see why you would think that. It was definitely the kissing, I think. Maybe just anti-pda as someone else said.

canttouchthis Sat 25-Jul-09 20:38:21

I think it's nothing to do with sexual orientation, but more to do with the fact that alot of wedding pics these days are just nauseating to look at. They do alot of stupid poncy poses for the camera, which is just a bit too much really for some of us. Sorry, but just IMHO.

GirlsAreLoud Sat 25-Jul-09 20:44:33

That's ok. They weren't posing, they were kissing in a register office, it was pretty low key.

Anyway, I just spoke to her, she said that she realised she had been quite rude, but that as she herself hasn't been publicly 'out' all that long she still finds herself reacting in a way that she used to when she was trying to cover up her sexuality sad

She said she realised afterwards that she had been really rude about my friend, and didn't mean to, especially as the pics were lovely.

I guess this never occurred to me, she has dealt so well with coming out to friends and family etc that I never really thought about how she dealth with it all before.

Thanks for responses.

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