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To have bloody lost it!

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noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 21:29:23

Have had 2 decorators in the house all week and they finished today but I was out and he said he'd text me the total price tonight.the labour was pre agreed and was £600 he did a bit extra and has said now £800.This is a bit cheeky but it is a top job and tbh cheap for the finish and standard.I am over the moon with it BUT I asked him to bring the receipts for the materials and he sent me a text with the cost and said he has no redeipts as he has an account at the shop.What he didn't know is that I have been renovating houses for years and know the cost of evrything but let him get it as I was carless and he has a 25% off account.the figure he has quoted me is double what they actually cost and I have told him to go to Brewers and ask for a written receipt as they know me and will do it (I have spent ££££ there over the years)He says no and he will be round in the morning to be paid.i am on my own here dp working so i have said i will give him 800 and he can get the receipts during the day and dp will pay him tomorrow evening.he is fuming but what can i do?

Doodle2u Thu 23-Jul-09 21:31:33

Stick to your guns!

Oldest trick in the book and he knows that you know that he knows that you know!

Don't cave. Let your DH deal with it when he gets back.

Also, ring the supplier yourself, first thing and get quotes/prices.

icedgemsrock Thu 23-Jul-09 21:32:08

stick to your guns, he is clearly trying to rip you off so don't let him.

noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 21:33:20

I have got all the prices I said I'd get the stuff myself and he insisted as he has a trade card and I don't anymore.It came to 168 less 25% so about 120.he as said 345!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OnlyWantsOne Thu 23-Jul-09 21:33:37

get the receipts first, then pay him...

stick to your gun (thank you doodle2u brave!!!

msled Thu 23-Jul-09 21:34:58

God, you are good! Do you have hte plans for your house?? I am still dithering and wavering about mine!

noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 21:35:00

I am gutted as my usual guy is on holiday and I went with these as a recomendation from my carpenter.he will be mortified when I tell him!

Doodle2u Thu 23-Jul-09 21:35:52

Right, well you're well armed then!

You can do this Noddy. Keep your voice absolutely calm and level. Do not raise it. Do not show agitation. You have the high ground here. Shoulders back, tits out forward and maintain eye contact.

noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 21:36:09

msld i will do it and post tomorrow have had a terrible day!

Spidermama Thu 23-Jul-09 21:36:42


Well done. Grit your teeth and see it through. That's too cheeky.

msled Thu 23-Jul-09 21:37:18

I know I'm nagging blush but I've got terrible tunnel vision about my house - thinking of nothing else!

noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 21:39:17

I know spider I could have done it myself tbh but couldn't be bothered!He is adamant he is billed monthly and doesn't get individual receipts.Even worse have just looked at the tins and 4 of them say Homebase so he didn't even get them where he said!builders are a bloody pain

PixiNanny Thu 23-Jul-09 21:40:41

Tell him he won't be paid fully until you get receipts. How can anyone expect anything otherwise? Cheeky arsehole. If I lose a receipt or don't get one I don't expect my MB to pay, it's my own bloody fault that I'm out of pocket because of my carelessness, not hers!

OrphanAnnie Thu 23-Jul-09 22:12:06

Can you report him to somebody he's basically trying to steal from you.

noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 22:48:15

I am going to pay him for the labour and will say no receipt no money!i am on my own with him though so a bit worried but won't be taking any shot!I am so cross making tea and being nice all week for thisangry

2shoes Thu 23-Jul-09 22:51:27

cheeky bugger
you always get receipts, even if you have an account.
if you have probs I can get dh to check it out with his boss

noddyholder Thu 23-Jul-09 22:57:04

Thanks 2shoes I know they always get receipts he has no idea I have done this before!I don't mind the odd cheeky round it up to the nearest tenner but this is ridiculous.What annoys me most is I had calculated it in my head what materials would be and he said he'd get them and get a discount I wish I had done it all myself!

Miamla Thu 23-Jul-09 23:03:58

noddy, stick to your guns. i had a similar situation with a plumber. I knew exactly what part he needed to fit in the boiler and exactly how much it would cost (my boiler and I were on very intimate terms!). He quoted me £150 initially. He fitted it and all was cool, said he'd post an invoice to me. The invoice was for over £300. I sent him a cheque for £150 and asked him to send me a detailed invoice because the original invoice was just 'parts and labour' with no details. He gave me some cock and bull story about paying extra for the part because it wasn't from his usual supplier (despite my giving him the address and tele number of a local supplier who had it in stock) so the cost of the part was more. and on top of that he paid for express delivery because i was in a hurry (i wasn't) and then there was his call out charge (this wasn't mentioned until now) etc etc
I decided to ignore him knowing that i'd paid enough already to cover the cost of the part and his labour. And you know what, i didn't hear another thing from him

noddyholder Fri 24-Jul-09 10:36:42

OMG!Am shaking he has just turned up with a list on paper of what he used.I rang the shop this morning and they said materials were 138 or 104 trade.So he is charging 200 for 1 box of filler and 1 roll of sandpaper!He says I am the first person to ever ask for a receipt in 7 years shock

NoseyHelen Fri 24-Jul-09 10:45:05

Well surely if you have the list and can price it up yourself from the same supplier (or the supplier he claims to have bought from) you must only pay that i.e. £104 + the cost of 1 box of filler and 1 roll of sandpiper.

Make sure that you tell the carpenter what thief this man is!

Miamla Fri 24-Jul-09 10:50:01

so how's it left now Noddy?

msled Fri 24-Jul-09 11:47:18

I think this is a lesson to everyone to ask for receipts and to tell them in advance that this is what you will do so they can price their work accordingly. Well done for standing your ground!

wannaBe Fri 24-Jul-09 11:59:55

I would tell him that he came recommended and that you will be ensuring that he will never be recommended again!

Cheaky arse. Sadly the world is full of them.

noddyholder Fri 24-Jul-09 14:22:11

ok he has taken his stuff and I paid him the labour and have told him to deal with dp for teh materials and get teh receipts!It has worn me out.Msled i am going to look for my floorplan this afternoon

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