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to be a lazy mother today?

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babyignoramus Thu 23-Jul-09 09:18:24

DH had some sort of flu last week - NHS Direct confirmed over the phone that it was probably swine flu but he's fine now. I have been fine so far but the last couple of days I have felt really tired and achy. I've had enough sleep as DH took over the last two nights so I didn't get woken up by DS. I don't have any otehr symptoms but everything aches so much! DS is 5 months and is just starting to roll over. AIBU to just bung him the floor today and not bother singing or bouncing him or doing any of the things he loves because I'm just too tired??

danthe4th Thu 23-Jul-09 09:36:30

Flipping heck don't feel guilty, he's not going to suffer if he's ignored for a bit,put some interesting toys around him,try putting a mirror so he can see his reflection,he'll think he's got a friend to play,lol.put some soothing music on, curl up on the sofa and enjoy the day.Hope you feel better later.x

TheChilliMooseNeedsaDiary Thu 23-Jul-09 09:51:21

I feel a bit achey today and have a runny nose. I've put DS in nursery for a full day so I can have a lazy day too. So YANBU.

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