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To quit my job?

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muminthecity Wed 22-Jul-09 22:15:21

I hate it, it's boring, my manager's awful and bitchy, I'm constantly walking on eggshells around her and I dread going in every day. I'm just completely miserable. I'm a single mum and work full time, I wouldn't like to be a full time SAHM but I would like to go back to part-time work somewhere else.

I work in social care and am experienced and qualified so it wouldn't be too hard to find something else, just might be tricky to find something with hours that suit me and DD and would still pay me enough to live on.

Should I just be grateful that I've still got a job and put up with it until something better comes along? Or should I leave and try my hand at being a SAHM temporarily while I look for something else? Or, should I start applying for lower paid jobs and just learn to live on a tighter budget? I've had a few days off this week and the thought of going in tomorrow is killing me.

mumblechum Wed 22-Jul-09 22:21:59

I'm in exactly the same boat. Once our mortgage is paid off in just over a year we can afford for me not to work at all but I have no excuse as by that timeds will be 16 so will do another p/t job.

When you say social care, what does that actually involve?

If I were you I'd apply for jobs whether they're advertised as full or part time. I've often been offered f/t jobs then negotiated to only start p/t on the basis that if it doesn't work out I can up my hours but have never had to up them in practice.

A lot of employers prefer p/t workers now as they realise that we can often put in as much work as a fulltimer for half the money, eg I'm a lawyer and do as many billable hours as my f/t colleagues but earn significantly less.

I know what you mean about dreading going in. I'm seriously thinking of jacking it in next year and doing something much worse paid but with much less responsibility.

good luck.

muminthecity Thu 23-Jul-09 01:14:52

Thanks mumblechum, sorry for late reply, have been dealing with a bit of a family crisis!

I have managed to find 2 promising-sounding part time jobs, one is what I do now but a more senior level the other is completely different to what I do now. I just hope I get one of them! If not I will apply for some full tme jobs and try negotiating the hours.

Thanks for your advice, I hope your work situation improves too.

lilacclaire Thu 23-Jul-09 01:28:26

I would stay in your job until you get a pt job, so you can give the reason for leaving that you want to work pt not ft.
If you take a pay cut, hopefully your tax credits will make up some of it, but you will need to live on a slightly tighter budget, but if I hated my job that much I wouldn't be caring.

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