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To Wonder what this woman is thinking??

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TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:32:52

right before i go any further please read this bit first.
I do NOT have a problem with mix race relationships but i do think this WOMAN takes it to the limit.

she has

dd1 white english
ds1 white irish
dd2 white irish
dd3 white irish
dd4 half turkish
dd5 half indian
ds2 half indian
dd6 white english
ds3 half somalian

is now pg again has 5 grand children all of which are living in her home. she has never worked and always seems to find non working husbands/partners. They have 2 houses knocked into one, and its all paid for by council!

sorry just having a moan

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson Wed 22-Jul-09 08:34:22

this old chestnut

rubyslippers Wed 22-Jul-09 08:34:49

just worry about yourself and your own family

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:36:03

Trinity its true, I have known her for 12 years now. Could but won't show you photos of her me and her children.

MamaLazarou Wed 22-Jul-09 08:36:11

YAB a bit U

It's not really any of your business.

They might be a really happy family, for all you know.

ruddynorah Wed 22-Jul-09 08:37:13

takes what to what limit? what limit are you talking about? maximum children? maximum children with different fathers? maximum children of different ethnic background? or maximum pissyouoffery cos she has a big house?

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson Wed 22-Jul-09 08:38:35

lol ruddy, true......what limit?

RealityIsGettingMarried Wed 22-Jul-09 08:39:09

Message withdrawn

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson Wed 22-Jul-09 08:39:13

I didn't mean that it wasn't true
I meant that we always have a big argument about people living off benefits with loads of kids

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:39:33

ruddy, it doesn't piss me off but when i see the pattern is now starting to repeat itself then i think she needs to look at what she is teaching her daughters. I won't say sons as they are young still.

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson Wed 22-Jul-09 08:39:55

I second reality

maggievirgo Wed 22-Jul-09 08:40:01

So the first four are white like she is. Riiight. There's not enough wow omg there. Try harder.

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:41:05

Trinity she does , her eldest daughter does work now so its not all bad

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:43:11

maggie yes 4 eldest are white, next 1 half turkish, next 2 half indian, next 1 white and youngest is half somalian.

KingRolo Wed 22-Jul-09 08:43:50

Why does the race of the kids have to come into it? Are you suggesting she'll go with anyone?

Frasersmum123 Wed 22-Jul-09 08:45:04

The ethnicity of her children doesnt matter, and really isnt any of your buisness.

However I do agree that she should not keep reproducing if she cannot support her children. I also know someone that thinks its okay to have as many children as she likes because its her 'right' as a woman, never mind that her husband is on incapacity and she is supposed to be his carer hmm

downbutnotout Wed 22-Jul-09 08:46:01

she has nine children and she still wants to have sex? That is shocking.

ruddynorah Wed 22-Jul-09 08:46:56

what do you mean what she's teaching them? not to work? to have more than 2 children? sleep with lots of men? sleep with lots of men of different ethnicities? what? what especially irks you..cos it sounds like it's the ethnicities bit..

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:47:03

i only posted this because i saw her yesterday and she was happily telling me how she was pg with number 10, and she didnt know if she would ever have more but she was not looking forward to telling him she was unsure after having this one if she wanted more.

And to be honest I feel sorry for the children like the woman or not. She has had graffiti sprayed outside her home, has names called at her as she walks along the street, if anything it is sad. Especially as there are always children with her.

Ledodgy Wed 22-Jul-09 08:47:36

I think having 9 children with no other way than the state to support you is a bit much but I fail to see what the race of the children has to do with it? The fact you have stated the race shows this is a problem for you which concerns me.

maggievirgo Wed 22-Jul-09 08:50:09

"It's not all bad!" ah come on!, she has 9 healthy children (?) , and so far, the very first opportunity she had to be judged, her first child; is an independent working adult!!

I sure they all look like one big family with different colouring, which is not unusual for full siblings.

My friend told me off recently when I asked after her daughter's much older half-sisters. She said, we just say sisters. And these children all have the same mother. And I'll be murder for saying this, but I think having the same mother is what anchors siblings together later in life. It's nice for them to have so many.

PROVIDING she's a reasonably good Mum and not neglecting them..

KingRolo Wed 22-Jul-09 08:56:33

How many people live in her home?

I make it 15 not including the new baby or any male partners. Is that possible? Even if the house is two knocked together?

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 08:59:43

Maggie, the older children have always helped with the younger ones. I have not said she is a bad mum, she is not, ok she is not a very hands on mum but her kids have a home. What concerns me is the fact that the eldest girls are more than aware of how many men have passed through the home, They have never seen their mum working, she lives off of credit and is in debt by her own admission.
Her older children take care of the younger ones.

BUT mainly this woman was very ill when she had her last baby who is just a year old, the delivery was very bad apparently, she had to have an emergency c section, which was her 3rd section. I worry what will happen if the same happens again, how much can a womans body take?

I do think when the local kids in the street shout "league of all nations" every time they pass her door, kids, her in the street then the kids are going to be affected.

She has had some nasty experiences with exes, one tried to snatch their daughter to take her back to his home country.

I am a friend of this woman and I have told her what I think, I have told her that imho she needs to think long and hard before having more children, she is not doing her body any favours.

Sorry for short OP I had ds2 clambering over me and couldn't type it all in one go, but he is in other room waking ds1 up at the moment.

MoonchildNo6 Wed 22-Jul-09 09:00:34

10 children??? bloody hell I can barely cope with two!

TheLadyEvenstar Wed 22-Jul-09 09:02:17

Moon, i suppose with that many you have the others to help you!

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