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to not want to my neighbours to cause me to bedhop?

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Bean74 Sun 19-Jul-09 20:45:45

Couple next door are lovely -early 50's, nice people. But in the summer at weekends they go out for the evening then come back and chat in the garden. Don't mind this but last night they came out at 12.40 am - is it me or is this a bit too late?

As it is so quiet normally this wakes me up & I have to go & bunk down in another room. Then DD2 wakes me at 5.30 for the day so I am knackered.

I actually look forward to rain at the weekends as I know I'll get some sleep!

Am too much of a wimp to complain though...

eastendmummy Sun 19-Jul-09 21:10:54

We have had similar issues with our neighbours and I have no issues with complaining to them. You have the right to be able to sleep without hearing them talking outside. I'm sure if you speak to them politely and point out that you are having to move to another room to get some sleep then they will be reasonable.

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