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AIBU Books Game Part 4

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MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 19:54:05

Well, we made it to a fourth thread!

As before, we frame an AIBU from the point of view of a character in a book and everyone tries to guess the book and/or the character.

Everyone welcome to play/time-waste as much or as little as they please.

New thread, new AIBU...

AIBU to refuse to read aloud?

CJCregg Fri 17-Jul-09 20:07:18

Evening all!

Moomin, did your French battlefields one ever come to light?

AIBU to wish I hadn't volunteered to run?

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 20:14:07

Hi CJ! I was beginning to feel a bit lonely!

Polly got it, which accounted for her swinging from the chandelier while scantily clad and singing - very rash promise on her part grin. It was "The Greengage Summer" by Rumer Godden.

Has the reluctance to run anything to do with Greek battlefields?

CJCregg Fri 17-Jul-09 20:24:35

No, I'm a bit more modern and closer to home than that!

More clues on not reading aloud, please?

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 20:28:45

Are you good at distance running, CJ?

...The trouble is I'm very, very good at reading aloud. Too good. You know what they say about bringing the story to life...

CJCregg Fri 17-Jul-09 21:14:53

(Ah, that's what Polly's tassles were for ...)

It's quite a long run, but I've made a bit of a mess of it ...

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 21:28:58

Hmm, are you competing with a tortoise, CJ?

janeite Fri 17-Jul-09 21:30:58

I know this I think (not played this before) - you are the lovely dad in Inkheart, whose name I've forgotten - matt or Meg or something.

pollywobbledoodle Fri 17-Jul-09 21:35:26

llandb are you an old book about scuffy/scruffy the tugboat?

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 21:54:38

Yes, that was quick, Janeite. You are quite right - I am Mo from Inkheart.

I've just realised I managed to lose the 84 in 84 Charing Cross Road when I put the list in on the last thread, so just imagine it please!

AIBU to think my DH's reaction to our younger DS's poor school report is too harsh?

janeite Fri 17-Jul-09 21:56:45

Mo! I knew it began with 'M' at least!

llandb Fri 17-Jul-09 22:06:40

Hello! Went to the old thread and found it had just been saved from being washed out to sea by the creation of this new 'un!

Cor, what a list!

Yes indeedy Polly, I am Scuffy the Tugboat! Toot, toot!
<And I hope you've put some clothes on as it's turned a bit nippy>

Stumped as a tree on the rest.

And speaking of which... AIBU to talk a walk in the Alps?

llandb Fri 17-Jul-09 22:07:43

Er, or perpaps take a walk? blush

llandb Fri 17-Jul-09 22:10:24

<llandb sighs at own proofreading ineptitude and goes off to pour herself a stiff llandb, or even gandt>

pollywobbledoodle Fri 17-Jul-09 22:26:32

llandb i have put on a woolly scarf.....must remember to close the curtains...i remember the book from childhood...

i don't know, weeks without so much as a sniff of an answer then 3 in 24 hours! Am going to carry my swollen head up to bed now...

Pogleswood Fri 17-Jul-09 23:07:31

New thread,hooray! That's a pretty long list..didn't we do well?!

AIBU to dedicate myself to my work?

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 23:09:14

Does the walking in the Alps precede hi-jinks in a hay hut, llandb? Say that after a couple of G and Ts!

Night all!

CJCregg Fri 17-Jul-09 23:10:09

I started off pretty well, and the other chaps were quite far behind, but then I tripped and fell, and I think I've broken my ankle ...

CJCregg Fri 17-Jul-09 23:11:34

Moomin, I hope that's not Heidi you're talking about!

llandb, 'scuse my ignorance, but what does your name mean?! I've always wondered ...

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 17-Jul-09 23:26:55

Dear me, no, CJ, not Heidi, it would frighten the poor goats!

Hooray, Pogle, now all the diehard time-wasters are here!

CJ, are you wearing a red jersey? <hopefully>

Pogle, bit more detail, pretty please?

And now I'm really off to bed. Night again!

CJCregg Fri 17-Jul-09 23:34:46

Moomin, you are so clever. Yes, and I'm hoping someone will rescue me before the next train comes through this tunnel ...

Pogleswood Fri 17-Jul-09 23:53:32

Diehard time-waster? Moi?
Somehow managed to mix up CJ's and llandb's to produce someone falling and breaking their ankle in the Alps - then wondering where the tunnel came in blush - I think perhaps I should go to bed...

...I don't think my approach is appreciated at work,though...

MoominMymbleandMy Sat 18-Jul-09 11:53:24

Morning all!

Yes, but you're a very well read time-waster, Pogle. More clues to your workaholic, please.

Thank you, CJ, <bows modestly>. I remember reading that first when I was very young and being very puzzled as to why a dog was wearing a jumper!

...I know the DS's grades were very poor and I am mystified that he managed to get no marks at all for English Composition...

llandb Sat 18-Jul-09 13:16:16

Tee-hee at hi-jinks and Heidi shock

Nope, no hi-jinks at all. Though a kindly shepherd has put me up for the night. And he has an impressive collection of acorns!

CJ, I think YANBU as I have always regretted volunteering to run, except after ice-cream vans, but I confess to not knowing what yours is!

(CJ, good question!
Sadly, 'llandb' is an archaic Welsh word for 'bland'.
Er... ok, well truthfully - various dreadful people nicked all the names I usually use so I resorted to various acronyms - easier to type - with no particular rationale other than 'I can probably remember this' until I stumbled across a free one. Since I tend to a drinks theme and g and t was taken, I took that as a sign that I ought to be sticking to lemon, lime and bitters
Sadly, I was in an 'all work, no telly' phase when your character was on the waves, but making up for it by being as unreasonable as pos in this thread )

MoominMymbleandMy Sat 18-Jul-09 13:27:10

That clears up a mystery I've always meant to ask about too, llandb.

So, are you fond of trees then?

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