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to want to buy an i-phone?

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nymphadora Wed 15-Jul-09 19:02:15

O2 seem to think I am!

Yesterday went to upgrade my phone in shop near work. First CC declined then second accepted. BUT the sytem crashed on the last page (30mins later!) and they couldn't complete it.

Checked bank and nothing wrong with card, put it down to system playing up.

Today I went to the shop near home and again first card declined and second card declined. Again checked at bank , nothing wrong with either but they couldn't go any further without a credit card. Suggested trying the internet as its a different system.

At home has tried the internet and the i-phone page won't load (your browser doesn't support this format) but I can access all other pages.

Tried phoning up, explained story 3 times to different people and eventually got someone to sell me one only to hear that they are completly out of stock and won't have any til the end of next week and why don't I try the stores


(Thanks feel better for that!)

cupofteaplease Wed 15-Jul-09 19:04:02

Ooh, I have an iphone- tis great grin <smug>

Sorry blush

Keep trying though, it is well worth the wait!

Mawgan Wed 15-Jul-09 19:45:25

You could try buying one from the Apple Store online - same price as in a store and on O2 but proper customer service. They are worth the wait though! : )

Longtalljosie Wed 15-Jul-09 20:57:21

Ah this happened to us in an O2 store as well. The system crashed and then it caused our card to be flagged for refusal - not only at O2 but at any store - for the rest of the day.

If you go back to the store it should now be fine. But make sure you use a card you're not about to rely on for your weekly food shop.

nymphadora Thu 16-Jul-09 09:16:59

This was 2 days in a row though and they think it will be everytime! It was fine everywhere else

littlepollyflinders Thu 16-Jul-09 09:36:52

I got one as an upgrade through Carphone Warehouse and although they didn't have it in stock (twice!) I got them to call me when it came in then did it all over the phone when they actually did call me (I wasn't expecting that they would but then we all expect shabby service don't we wink ).

Hang in there! They are divine.
It is possible to fall in love with a mobile phone grin

berri Thu 16-Jul-09 09:38:19

I love my iPhone too - best thing I've bought all year!

nymphadora Sat 18-Jul-09 16:34:54


I got a new bank card in the end and that worked! I had to have a white one though as all the black ones had gone but just couldn't stand to wait and try again blush

Just need to set it up now. Anyone want to tell me where the sim card goes in? I can't find a hole!

sarah293 Sat 18-Jul-09 16:37:47

Message withdrawn

GeorgeTheSlitheen Sat 18-Jul-09 16:38:34

It's at the top you have to pull it out from the poker on the box.

I got my iPhone last week and honestly I don't think I have ever loved an inanimate object quite as much.
It's bloody brilliant

RustyBear Sat 18-Jul-09 16:40:56

There's a tiny hole at the top next to the headphone socket that you stick a pin in ( actually I think there's a litle thingy in the pack to do it with, but I used a pin. A little section comes out between the headphone socket & the off button & the SIM card goes in there.

First app to download is the Missing Manual - tells you all sorts of things about saving battery power etc - don't know if there's a new edition for the 3Gs though.

UndertheBoredwalk Sat 18-Jul-09 16:41:13

Yep should be tiny little hole on the top, stick the poker thing that you got in the box into the hole and press down it should then pop out for you to put sim in. I fell in love with mine within an hour of having it grin

nymphadora Sat 18-Jul-09 17:02:14

Ta doone that now!

Next job go into i-tunes?

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